Alaska Field Experience

Following the Environmental Hands-On course, select Arctic fellows may spend time at Toolik Field Station on the North Slope of Alaska. Fellows have the opportunity to accompany and interview a wide range of Arctic scientists from MBL and other institutions who are at Toolik for the active summer field season. Among the research questions under investigation at Toolik are:

  1. What are the effects of changes in temperature and moisture on tundra vegetation and the feedbacks that lead to releases of the Arctic’s tremendous reserves of soil carbon to the atmosphere?
  2. What is the role of increased shrub and tree cover on the energy balance of tundra ecosystems and how will these changes feed backs to arctic and global climate?
  3. How much permafrost is disappearing and what are the consequences of increased thawing for Arctic nutrient cycles and vegetation?
  4. How will changing climate, soils and vegetation influence the movement of water and nutrients from tundra into Arctic’s pristine fresh waters?
  5. How will changes to climate, water runoff and nutrients affect populations of fish and other aquatic life in Arctic streams and rivers?

Alaska Field Experience fellowships are subject to funding availability.

Read the “Toolik Field Journal” blog by past Arctic fellows.

Video Credit: Michael Werner, 2015 Alaska Field Experience Fellow