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The village of Woods Hole is an international center for natural science. In addition to the Marine Biological Laboratory, the Woods Hole scientific community includes the National Marine Fisheries Service, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the United States Geological Survey, the National Academy of Sciences, Sea Education Association, and the Woods Hole Research Center.

Meetings, Seminars, Events
The MBL offers public lecture series and seminars throughout the year.

The MBL tour program is designed to provide an opportunity to see the MBL at work, and to understand current projects and future plans.

MBL Exhibit Center
Observe living marine organisms at play and learn why they are important in biomedical research.

Gift Shop
The MBL Associates gift shop serves thousands of visitors, students, and friends. Proceeds from the gift shop are used to help support MBL research fellowships.

MBL Club
Since 1919 the MBL Club has served as a summer recreation center for the Woods Hole community.

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