J Strain Frogs X. laevis $40
 Wild-Type Frogs X. laevis $30
 Wild-Type Frogs. X. tropicalis $35
 Transgenic Frogs X. laevis and X. tropicalis $50
 Wild-Type or Inbred Embryos $0.75 each
 Transgenic Embryos (Unsorted)* $1.00 each
 Injected Wild-Type Embryos (100 embryos) $100
Wild-Type tadpoles stages: 40-47/48-55/56-63 $1.00/$1.25/$1.50
Cryopreserved Sperm 1 vial $6.50
 Oocytes (100 Collagenased Eggs) $100


 Custom Transgenic F0 frogs** $1,000
 Custom Transgenic F1 Frogs** $1,500
 Custom Knockout F0 Frogs** $1,500
 Custom knockout F1 Frogs** $2,000
 Custom CRISPR sgRNA Construct $100
 Research Facility Service*** $500/Week

Tank Rentals

Large Tank (40L) $14.00/tank per day
Small Tank (23L) $7.00/tank per day







*$50 Surcharge for transgenic male

**Minimum 10 frogs

***Includes lab space, frogs, and common reagents