Genome Editing

Xenopus Genome Editing Workshop

at the Marine Biological Laboratory
Woods Hole, MA

Next Workshop:
May 6th – 14th


Registration will be open in 2016

Workshop Cost:
Event housing, meals and registration, Single room –  $2500
Event housing, meals and registration, Double room – $2200
Event meals and registration (no housing)    –           $1900


Included in the cost are essential lab consumables and frogs, including designing and cloning sgRNA in advance or TALEN pairs specific for your own research. In addition, the NXR will create and raise one line for each attendee. Since the goal of the workshop is to learn the techniques and procedures, it is not imperative that you actually create your line during the 5 days. This cost is a bit higher than previous workshops; however, there are more goodies included in the cost.


Topics covered include:
CRISPR/Cas and TALEN theoretical and practical applications
Essentials of cloning sgRNAs
Essentials of genotyping
Maternal host transfer technique
Both laevis and tropicalis will be used


The goal is for you to practice the techniques using already known sgRNAs and TALENs and then use your own. Ideally, you will become competent in the techniques and implement them in your own lab. In addition for those who have limited experience in tropicalis, this is a perfect time to get comfortable with them.


We should have a more advanced syllabus for the workshop by Sept 15th. Registration will close October 17th so get on board and register early.