Imaging Course Flyer 2013Imaging Workshop

March 8-15th, 2015
at the Marine Biological Laboratory
Woods Hole, MA
Check out this article about Gary McDowell’s experience in last year’s course

More than Just Meetings – Xenopus, Advanced Imaging Workshop 

Instructors John Wallingford, Lance Davidson and Scott Fraser will be returning to teach this exciting workshop once again.

Topics to be covered in this imaging workshop include:

1) A primer on microscopes and optics with a focus on practical considerations.
2) Imaging immunostained Xenopus embryos in whole-mount.
3) Live imaging of cells and tissues in intact Xenopus using fluorescent fusion proteins.
4) Live imaging of cells and tissues in explants.
5) Computational post-processing of images for presentation/display.
6) Development of custom imaging assays for students.

Participation will be limited to 15 students. The course will be team taught by experts in Xenopus and imaging.

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