Memories from our 2006 Reunion

greenbergMike Greenberg
EIZ-76 Course Director

Two of my graduate students came up to Woods Hole in 1976: Lewis Deaton, was to be a research assistant, and Robert Loest, a student in the course. Robert was riding from Tallahassee to the MBL on his bicycle, so Lewis and I left about 12 days later, and drove straight through in a U-Haul truck packed with laboratory equipment and personal gear. We arrived exhausted, but as we backed up to Loeb, Robert showed up to greet us. He didn’t look tired at all and helped us unload the truck..More>>>


brian_bayneBrian Bayne
Retired, University of Plymouth, UK

Nice to hear from you, of course. The misty moor is still there and I even get up there occasionally. But, heavens, how time flies. Like you, I'm still enjoying the science. I had a long spell at the University of Sydney and though the bench/field-work finished a couple years ago, I'm just getting around to working up the final data sets...More>>>


john_croweJohn H. Crowe
University of California

Thanks for the e-mail a few months ago and the more recent card urging me to join the EIZ-76 virtual reunion. As it happens, I’m scanning old photos from that period, so maybe I’ll come up with some to send. But man, is that ancient history! We had a good time, though, didn’t we? And the photos on the EIZ website bring back a lot of great memories...More>>>


pierce06Sydney Pierce
University of South Florida

… after a quick look at the roster, other than the faculty-all who went on to become everything from dept chairs, lab directors, university presidents, … the only students I know about are George Augustine, who has turned into a well known neurobiologist and a semi-honcho at least at MBL and Jim Otto, who got out of science and became a physician in Baltimore. Roy White may have been Ladd Prosser’s last grad student, but I do not know what happened to him.


priorDavid J. Prior
University of Virginia’s College at Wise

……for all the fun we had… seems like snippets are all I can identify……
….Steve Bishop…..ALWAYS had a Narragansett in the middle of his little green ice bucket that had his biochemicals in tubes around the edge...More>>>



anne_schneidermanAnne Schneiderman
Patent Attorney
Law Offices of Anne M. Schneiderman Ph.D.
Ithaca, New York

Anne shares her photos from the summer of 1976.


robert_loestRobert Loest
IPS Advisory, Inc.

The Summer of ’76 was a special summer for all Americans – we were celebrating our Bicentennial. It was the year of the Tall Ships, Lou Rawls and Boz Scaggs, and the special parade of the TS&GCMBA contingent on the Fourth. America was free for the first time in many years of the long, desperate shadow of an earlier war of choice, Vietnam...More>>>


elaine_burkeElaine Burke
Radiologist and Nuclear Medicine Physician
Kaiser Permanente, Oregon

Elaine shares her photos from the summer of 1976.

It was wonderful hearing about the reunion! Here are some recollections and impresions of the ultimate summer camp, and some bits and pieces about what happened afterward...More>>>


beckerAnthony J. Becker, Jr.
Visiting Associate Professor
Rhodes College

Recollections from EIZ ‘76:

  • The roadtrip to Newport to see the Tall Ships.
  • Bloody Marys and the NYT crossword on Sunday mornings in the lab.
  • Tom Schopf diving flat out on the beach to come up with some instant Ensis sushi...More>>>


bertoldi_smRoger V. Bertoldi, M.D.
Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
With added qualifications in Clinical Neurophysiology

Not too many days have gone by with my not having thought of those days plodding though Cape Cod brackish water inlets as part of the course, but more importantly, as part of the larger ecosystem we call Earth...More>>>


chaissonRichard E. Chaisson
Johns Hopkins School Public Health

The summer of ’76 at the MBL was magical for me, and was my first exposure to serious science (though the people weren’t always so serious). It was a stimulating environment filled with a wonderful collegiality that I will never forget. My work with Tom (TJM) Schopf and Leslie Serunian was a great adventure and a terrific introduction to field biology...More>>>


vogtRichard Vogt
University of South Carolina

Well, you are a flash of reality, as is the photo of me in the accompanying class photo. I shall dig into my photo archive.

For what its worth, the class changed my life. A guest lecture by Charlotte Mangum that almost in passing mentioned pheromones in Blue Crabs caused me to join an undergrad course that fall at University of Washington, offered by Lynn Riddiford, on animal communication and pheromones. I joined Lynn's lab first as a tech (on leave from another grad program) and latter as a student, doing research on the biochemistry of pheromone detection, which is more or less what I still do. A chance encounter. Aren't they always?


lewis_deatonLewis E. Deaton
Louisiana State University

Lewis shares his photos from the summer of 1976.

Every once in a while – for meetings of the Society of General Physiology – I still get back to the MBL. And then, just walking around the campus stirs up all kinds of fond memories. A few of these recollections are listed below. A quick scan of the EIZ lecture schedule should convince anyone that the course was unique in its broad scientific range, the collective expertise of its faculty, and the intellectual enthusiasm of its students. I was privileged to play a small role in it...More>>>


martin_minerMartin Miner, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
Swansea Family Practice Group

How wonderful to see these faces, now reflective of 30 years past, but it is almost like yesterday. I came to the class as a wide-eyed Junior from Oberlin, at MBL largely due to my Physiology Professor George T. Scott's urgings. He was of the Albert Szent-Gyorgyi era, and who can ever forget the parade, and Dr. Szent-Georgyi's lecture with the life-sized test tubes (was that real, or was I eating too much carob ice cream at Captain Kidd's?)...More>>>

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