Hands-On History at the Marine Biological Laboratory | History of Science Society

April 30th, 2018 @

The MBL McDonnell Initiative, which engages historians, philosophers and scientists in joint explorations and research, held a collaborative workshop last fall on “The Life Cycles of Microscopic Imaging in Biology.” Three early-career historians of science — only one of whom with hands-on microscopy experience beyond high school — worked intensively with MBL scientists, experts from […]

MBL Scientist Studies Cape Cod Coral | Falmouth Enterprise

April 19th, 2018 @

By Andrea F. Carter A lesser-known coral found in Cape Cod’s cold waters could offer clues on how the organism can cope with environmental stresses that lead to bleaching. The Cape’s local coral, Astrangia poculata, is a non-reef-building coral that can thrive in very warm waters or cold New England winter waters. Its range spans […]