What We Can Learn From the Regeneration Powers of Worms | WCAI

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By Heather Goldstone and Elsa Partan. Imagine losing an arm or leg and thinking “No problem! It will grow back.” Now, imagine finding a bump on your big toe one day, only to have it grow into a complete clone of you that buds off and walks away. Laughable, right? But that’s exactly what earthworms […]

Octopuses’ Big Brains And Unique Behavior Spur Basic Research | NPR by Diana Kenney

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By Nell Greenfieldboyce Broadcast on “All Things Considered,” June 3, 2019 At the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Mass., there’s a room filled with burbling aquariums. A lot of them have lids weighed down with big rocks. “Octopuses are notorious for being able to, kind of, escape out of their enclosures,” says Bret Grasse, […]

The Newest Lab Rat Has Eight Arms | Hakai Magazine by Diana Kenney

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By Mićo Tatalović Move over mice and fruit flies, the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, is busy developing the next great model organism for science. Just past a “squid sign-out” sheet, on the ground floor of a stately brick building at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, a handful of […]

Roger Hanlon: The Amazing Brains and Morphing Skin of Cephalopods | TED Talk by Diana Kenney

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Roger Hanlon’s TED Talk, presented in April in Vancouver, has just been released! Dive into the brainy world of octopus, squid, and cuttlefish with Hanlon, a senior scientist at MBL and a world expert on cephalopod behavior. His talk is currently featured as a recommended video on TED.com. Source: Roger Hanlon: The amazing brains and […]

Morgan Lab Study is One of Most-Read Neuroscience Papers in Scientific Reports by Diana Kenney

May 8th, 2019 @

One of the 100 most-read neuroscience papers in Scientific Reports in 2018 was a study led by MBL Associate Scientist Jennifer Morgan, director of the Eugene Bell Center for Regenerative Biology and Tissue Engineering. Morgan’s article, which placed 25th out of more than 1,627 neuroscience papers published, reported that many of the genes involved in […]

Local Scientist, Welder Create Seaweed Harvesting Boat | Newburyport News

May 3rd, 2019 @

By Jack Shea SALISBURY — Drivers on Bridge Road may have noticed an unusual-looking, chrome-colored vessel taking shape outside Wilson Welding in recent weeks, but on Thursday, the boat was shipped off to be tested by a team of government scientists. Conceptualized by Newburyport scientist Clifford Goudey and built by Wilson Welding owner Dan Wilson, the boat […]

TED2019: Octopus Skin Could be Model for Camouflage Clothing | Business Insider

April 18th, 2019 @

By Aria Bendix If scientist Roger Hanlon seems a little obsessed with octopuses, it’s because he’s been studying them for the past decade — and he thinks they could hold a key to advancements in fashion, cosmetics, and even medicine. For years, Hanlon and his team of researchers at the University of Chicago’s Marine Biological […]

Understanding Regeneration at Different Scales | eLife

April 12th, 2019 @

By Kate MacCord and Jane Maienschein MBL McDonnell Initiative and Arizona State University Regeneration occurs at many different levels in nature, from individual organisms (notably earthworms and hydra), through communities of microbes, to ecosystems such as forests. … At each of these levels we see evidence for a built-in regenerative process that attempts to maintain […]

Squid Share a Colorful Trick With Peacocks | The New York Times

March 8th, 2019 @

MBL Scientists Roger Hanlon, Stephen Senft, Alan Kuzirian, and Joshua Rosenthal contributed to this study. By Veronique Greenwood Squid are chameleons of the ocean, shifting effortlessly from hue to hue as they cross sand, coral and grass. Scientists have long studied the peculiar structures in their skin that interact with light, trying to understand how […]

New MBL Microscope Combines Two Powerful Imaging Techniques

February 25th, 2019 @

By Mark Wolverton The Marine Biological Laboratory has purchased a new, advanced confocal microscope with a grant from the National Institutes of Health awarded to Associate Scientist Michael Shribak. Shribak, in collaboration with Kazuhiro Maeshima of Japan’s National Institute of Genetics (NIG) and MBL’s Tomomi Tani, will use the microscope to study heterochromatin (a condensed […]