Hanlon Lab – Fisheries, Aquaculture & Conservation

Population structure and reproductive success in several highly valuable squid fisheries (Loligo vulgaris reynaudii in South Africa, Loligo pealeii in the NE United States, Loligo opalescens in California) are being assessed for fishery management and conservation. We also culture species of commercial and biomedical importance in the sophisticated seawater systems of the Marine Resources Center. For example, the toadfish Opsanus beta is used in vestibular research related to human medicine, yet the species is difficult to obtain from nature. Thus, we are performing the first mariculture experiments to culture toadfish through the life cycle to provide the biomedical community with high-quality experimental animals. Such an approach lightens the impact of collecting toadfish from the natural environment..

Publications on fisheries, aquaculture & conservation:

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