Kate MacCord

Kate MacCordKate MacCord
Program Administrator and McDonnell Foundation Fellow
MRC 313

Arizona State University, PhD History and Philosophy of Science
University of Cambridge, MPhil Human Evolutionary Studies
University of Pittsburgh, BPhil Anthropology

Research Statement:
As part of her dissertation research, Dr. Kate MacCord spent a year with the evolutionary phenomics laboratory of Jukka Jernvall at the University of Helsinki studying the development and evolution of teeth. This laboratory experience transformed her understanding of the scientific study of development and evolution, both currently and in the past. Kate’s research, which she conducts as the McDonnell Foundation Fellow, focuses on the history and philosophy of morphogenesis–how embryos, tissues, and organs gain their characteristic forms. Kate doesn’t just work on tooth morphogenesis, but finds the study of how forms arise across all embryos fascinating.

In addition to being the McDonnell Foundation Fellow, Kate is also the Program Administrator for the James S. McDonnell Foundation-funded initiative at the MBL. This initiative seeks to bring researchers from history and philosophy of science (HPS) together with scientists in order to transform discovery. In order to facilitate this, the initiative funds workshops, working groups, and short-term fellowships.

Selected Publications:


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