Laboratory of Shinya Inoué

Shinya InouéResearch Staff: Robert Knudson, Gwen Szent-Gyorgyi

Contact: Tel: 508 289-7382

This laboratory pursues studies of the molecular mechanism and control of mitosis, cell division, and cell morphogenesis, with emphasis on biophysical studies made directly on single living cells, especially developing eggs in marine invertebrates. Development of biophysical instrumentation and methodology, such as the centrifuge polarizing microscope, high-extinction polarization optical and video microscopy, digital image processing techniques including dynamic sterioscopic imaging, and exploration of their underlying theory are an integral part of the laboratory’s effort.


1951 Ph.D. Biology, Princeton University

1950 M.A. Biology, Princeton University

1944 Rigakushi Zoology, Tokyo University


National Academy of Sciences, Elected, April 1993

Recent Publications:

Inoué, S. 2002. Polarization microscopy. In j. Lippincott-Schwartz, ed., Current Protocols in Cell Biology, Suppl. 13. John Wiley & Sons, pp. 4.9.1-4.9.27.

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Inoué, S., and R. Oldenbourg. 1998. Microtubule dynamics in mitotic spindle displayed by polarized light microscopy. Mol. Biol. Cell 9: 1603-1607.