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Gallery of micrographs obtained with our microscopy techniques (21 pictures):

Zebrafish embryo, birefringence image (polarized light microscope)
Rotifer Philodina roseola, birefringence image (polarized light microscope)
Diatom Arachnoidiscus, birefringence image (polarized light microscope)
Neonatal Rat hippocampal neurons, ), quantitative phase image (OI-DIC microscope)
Aster, 3D orienation birefringence image (polarized light microscope)
Rotifer Adineta vaga, birefringence image (polarized light microscope)
Diatoms Pleurosigma, birefringence image (polarized light microscope)
Aster consisting of microtubules (polarized light microscope)
Pluteus larva of Sea Urchin Arbacia punctulata
Crane Fly Nephrotoma suturalis spermatocyte, combined birefringence & phase images
Calcite crystal film, birefringence image (polarized light microscope)
Breast cancer tissue with collagenous stroma, birefringence image (polarized light microscope)
Crane Fly Nephrotoma suturalis spermatocyte, quantitative phase image (OI-DIC microscope)
4µ-thick glass rods, quantitative phase gradient image (OI-DIC microscope)
Diatom Arachnoidiscus, interference image (Jamin-Lebedev microscope)
Calanoid copepod Oithona similis, birefringence image (polarized light microscope)
Rotifer Adineta vaga, birefringence image (polarized light microscope)
Drying water film, quantitative phase gradient image (OI-DIC microscope)
Mouse coronal brain stem, birefringence image (polarized light microscope)
Bacterium Herpetosiphon aurantiacus (Chloroflexi), quantitative phase image (OI-DIC microscope)
MFM diffraction grating, image size 90x67µm, quantitative phase gradient image (OI-DIC microscope)

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Elena Iourieva, Research Assistant

Job Opportunities:
Postdoctoral Scientist – Shribak Lab


My research focuses on developing advanced optical microscopic imaging tools for applications in biological and clinical research. These new imaging modes allow users to observe and record living cells with extremely fine details, some of which have never been seen with any other mode of microscopy before.

I received BS./MS. in optical physics from Lviv National University, Lviv, Ukraine and Ph.D. in Optics from Moscow University of Geodesy and Cartography, Moscow, Russia. Since working at the MBL since 2000, I have invented several new quantitative light microscope modalities, which non-invasively create contrast where structures are otherwise invisible. Our current project “Orientation independent DIC and polarization microscopy” is supported by NIH (R01GM101701).


Quantitative orientation independent DIC microscopy

Polychromatic polarization microscopy

Selected peer-reviewed articles:

  • J.E. Malamy, M. Shribak*, “High resolution imaging of epithelial cell migration and wound healing in a Cnidarian model using an orientation-independent DIC microscope” Journal of Microscopy, vol. 270, No. 3, p. 290-301 (2018).
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  • (*corresponding authors)

Selected patents:

  • M. Shribak, “Polychromatic polarization state generator and its application for real-time birefringence imaging”, US Patent #9,625,369 (2017).
  • M. Shribak, “Orientation-independent differential interference contrast microscopy technique and device”, US Patents #7,564,618 (2009), and #7,233,434 (2007).
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Selected book chapters:

  • M. Shribak, “Polarization” (revised). In: Handbook of Optical Metrology: Principles and Applications, 2nd edition (ed. T. Yoshizawa), CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, USA, pp. 373-388 (2015).
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Selected image awards:

2017: The first prize in the 2017 After Image photo contest of journal Optics and Photonics News. ( )

2017: Director of the NIH Dr. Francis S. Collins highlighted the polychromatic polarization techniques in the weekly NIH Director’s Blog:

2012: Two Images of Distinction in the Nikon’s Small World International Photomicrography Competition (

2011: The first prize in the MBL Scientific Photography Contest (

2010: One award for the Technical Merit and 3 Honorable Mentions in the Olympus BioScapes International Digital Imaging competition (

Selected movies: