2011 Mussel Farming Workshop

Offshore Mussel Farming Workshop

From soup to nuts and seed to bucks!

Monday February 7th, 2011
12:30 – 5:30 PM
preceding the Milford Aquaculture Seminar
Courtyard Marriot, Shelton CT

A workshop for those seeking new opportunities in mussel farming. Industry experts from the US, Canada and Europe will give presentations and answer questions.

Sponsored by the Northeastern Regional Aquaculture Center,
Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory, and Northeast Sea Grant College Consortium

Agenda and Speakers:
NOTE: To view presentations, select the PDF files below.

Introduction and mussel farming experience in Southern New England: 12:30PM
Scott Lindell, (Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory) (PDF), and Larry Williams, (Jessie D. Shellfish LLC, CT) (PDF)

Site selection and permitting:
Tessa Getchis (CT Sea Grant Extension) (PDF), and Rick Karney (Martha’s Vineyard Shellfish Group) (PDF)

Mussel longline design and installation:
Rich Langan (UNH) (PDF) and Terry Mills (Thimble Bay Farms, NFLD) (PDF)

Sourcing seed, grading and socking choices:
Kent Ferguson (GoDeep Canada) (PDF) and John Bonardelli (Shellfish Solutions, Norway) (PDF)

Coffee Break

Management of the longline through grow-out and harvest:
Réjean Allard (Pêcheries R. Allard, Quebec) (PDF) and Vidir Bjornsson (Skel Mussel Farm, Iceland) (PDF)

Processing, distribution and sales :
Bill Silkes (American Mussel Harvesters) (PDF) and Terry Mills (Thimble Bay Farms) (PDF)

Business Planning:
Hauke Kite-Powell (WHOI) (PDF)

Role of Research and Extension:
Cyr Couturier (Memorial University, NFLD) (PDF), and John Bonardelli (Shellfish Solutions) (PDF)

Facilitated Q&A and discussion until 5:30 pm

For further information please contact slindell@mbl.edu