Microbes in Dental Plaque are More Like Relatives in Soil than on the Tongue

Contact: Diana Kenney dkenney@mbl.edu; 508-605-3525 By Alison Caldwell University of Chicago Medicine Study suggests plaque may have been a “stepping stone” for microbes into the body CHICAGO and WOODS HOLE, Mass. — From the perspective of A. Murat Eren, the mouth is the perfect place to study microbial communities. “Not only is it the beginning […]

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Lunch and Learn: Environmental Issues & Challenges in the 21st Century

The Acrobatic Hydra Shows Off:  How Environmental Cues Can Affect Behavior

By Raleigh McElvery WOODS HOLE, Mass. — Although it may seem counterintuitive, researchers are turning to an animal without a brain to crack the neural code underlying behavior. Hydra vulgaris, a tiny, tentacled, freshwater organism, uses “nets” of neurons dispersed throughout its tube-like body to coordinate stretching, contracting, somersaulting, and feeding movements. This simple nervous […]

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2019 Nikon Small World Virtual Exhibit

2020-21 Falmouth Forum Lecture Series

MBL Falmouth Forum Lecture Series 2020-21

MBL Announces 2020 Friday Evening Lecture Series

The Marine Biological Laboratory is pleased to announce the Friday Evening Lecture schedule for the summer of 2020. The hour-long presentations are geared for a diverse and engaged audience and appeal to scientists and non-scientists alike. Although all in-person events at the MBL are cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the tradition continues this summer […]

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“MBL SciShoots” – Our Digital Learning Initiative

“MBL SciShoots” – Our Digital Learning Initiative

Making “Lemonade”: Chance Observation Leads to Insight on Microbial Bloom Formation

By Jennifer Tsang A scientific discovery often starts with a chance observation made by open minds who realize its potential. This happens over and over again in the MBL’s Advanced Research Training courses. In 2014, students and faculty in the MBL’s Microbial Diversity course made such a serendipitous observation. A team followed up on it […]

On the Frontline of Climate Change

For more than 40 years, MBL scientists have been on the frontline of research on Cape Cod and worldwide to understand how ecosystems function, respond to stress, and recover—or not. With a deep understanding of Cape Cod ecosystems borne from decades of research, MBL scientists are best positioned to predict and mitigate the impacts of […]