UChicago Students Flex Science Muscles in New MBL Courses

In early spring, 12 students from the University of Chicago packed their bags and headed to Woods Hole for an immersive scientific experience at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL). While the pandemic kept the majority of UChicago’s classes online, those participating in the MBL Spring Quarter came together for an action-packed course schedule that included […]

Salt Marshes Trap Microplastics in their Sediments, Creating Record of Human Plastic Use

Contact: Diana Kenney, dkenney@mbl.edu; 508-289-7139 WOODS HOLE, Mass. — Plastics are everywhere. From cell phones to pens and cars to medical devices, the modern world is full of plastic— and plastic waste. New research from scientists at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) Ecosystems Center found that some of that plastic waste has been accumulating in […]

MBL Announces Whitman Center Fellowships and Early Career Investigators

The Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) is pleased to welcome the recipients of the 2021 Whitman Fellowships and Early Career Investigator Awards, which support 19 scientists to conduct innovative research for up to 10 weeks in the MBL Whitman Center. Due to COVID-19-related restrictions, nearly all of the 2020 Whitman Fellows and Early Career Investigators deferred […]

Bottom-Up is the Way Forward for Nitrogen Reduction at Institutions

WOODS HOLE, Mass. — Nitrogen is an element basic for life — plants need it, animals need it, it’s in our DNA — but when there’s too much nitrogen in the environment, things can go haywire. On Cape Cod, excess nitrogen in estuaries and salt marshes can lead to algal blooms, fish kills, and degradation […]

To Push or to Pull? How Many-Limbed Marine Organisms Swim

WOODS HOLE, Mass. — When you think of swimming, you probably imagine pushing through the water—creating backwards thrust that pushes you forward. New research at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) suggests instead that many marine animals actually pull themselves through the water, a phenomenon dubbed “suction thrust.” The study, published in Scientific Reports, found that […]

Little Skates Could Hold the Key to Cartilage Therapy in Humans

Contact: dkenney@mbl.edu; 508-685-3525 By Emily Greenhalgh WOODS HOLE, MASS. — Nearly a quarter of Americans suffer from arthritis, most commonly due to the wear and tear of the cartilage that protects the joints. As we age, or get injured, we have no way to grow new cartilage. Unlike humans and other mammals, the skeletons of […]

MBL Launches Digital Learning Initiative with “MBL SciShoots”

The coronavirus pandemic has everyone adapting and the Marine Biological Laboratory is no exception. With students unable to come to the campus to learn, MBL leadership has launched a new initiative to bring science to the students—virtually. Watch the video below to learn all about our new educational series—MBL SciShoots—from MBL Director Nipam Patel. Be […]