MBL Announces 2019 Friday Evening Lecture Series

The Marine Biological Laboratory is pleased to announce the Friday Evening Lecture schedule for the summer of 2019. The hour-long talks are geared for a diverse and engaged audience and appeal to scientists and non-scientists alike.

The 2019 lineup of speakers will explore some of the most fascinating subjects in science today including climate change, the practicalities of ocean conservation, the diversity of natural bioluminescence, and how to foster a more diverse scientific workforce.

The series kicks off June 14th and will run each Friday through August 9th. All lectures are free and will be held at 8:00 PM in the MBL’s Lillie Auditorium, 7 MBL Street, Woods Hole and live-streamed at videocenter.mbl.edu.

Friday Evening Lectures are a long-standing tradition at the MBL, dating back to 1890 and given each year since then. The tradition of excellence has continued to the present day with the roster of lecturers including more than 30 Nobel Prize winners since 1970 including Jerry Melillo, who as an author was a co-recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the IPCC and Al Gore, Jr. Dr. Melillo will give the June 21st lecture.

The schedule is below. Stay tuned to mbl.edu/FEL for lecture abstracts and speaker bios.

June 14
E.B. Wilson History and Philosophy of Science Lecture
“The Politics of Embryology: Johannes Holtfreter’s Flight from Nazi Germany”
Michael Dietrich, University of Pittsburgh

June 21
Glassman Lecture
“Which World? – Climate Change, Climate Choices”
Jerry Melillo, Marine Biological Laboratory

June 28
Porter Lecture
“100 Years On from Spemann and Mangold”
Richard Harland, University of California, Berkeley

July 5
Segal Lecture
“Insights from Emerging Model Organisms: From the Physics of Beauty to the Secret Lives of Lobsters”
Nipam Patel, Marine Biological Laboratory

July 12
“NIH Addresses the Science of Diversity: Looking Through a Genomic Lens”
Hannah Valantine, National Institutes of Health

July 19
Forbes Lecture
“Cephalopods, Visual Perception, Motor Control and Brain Evolution”
Gilles Laurent, Max Planck Institute for Brain Research

July 26
“The Future of Ocean Conservation”
Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, New York University; Ocean Collectiv

August 2
“Biological Propulsion in (and of?) the Ocean”
John Dabiri, Stanford University

August 9
“The Past and Future of Bioluminescence Research, in Light of the Contributions of Osamu Shimomura”
Steven Haddock, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute