24th Annual Woods Hole Immunoparasitology Meeting

Dear WHIP 2020 registrants and supporters,


It is with sadness that we write to let you know that WHIP 2020 has been cancelled, in response to the accelerating COVID 19 public health crisis.


Following the lead of other conferences, we felt that cancelling the meeting was the correct decision.  Our meeting requires a large gathering of people and extensive national and international travel from COVID 19-affected areas.  Such activities are directly in opposition to current recommendations from many public health authorities.  Many of us are currently under travel restrictions from our institutions as well.  Thus, after extensive discussion with WHIP Advisory Committee members, key stake holders, and the MBL, Jude and I decided we needed to cancel the meeting to do our part in limiting the spread of SARS-CoV-2 to protect the susceptible individuals in our communities.


Many thanks to the MBL, specifically Paul Anderson and Kerri Mills, who have been helpful and supportive at this tough time.  Building on over 2 decades of valued collaboration between the MBL and this meeting, MBL staff have been instrumental in assisting us in making this decision and supporting our community 100% in rapidly developing a plan for cancellation that will be as straightforward as possible.


Some key logistical information:


1)  Please note that the registration and abstract submission sites are now closed.

2)  For those who registered but DID NOT pay:  your registration will be automatically cancelled; no action is required from you.

3)  For those who submitted abstracts:  your abstract will be deleted from the system and will not be available publicly or otherwise; no action is required from you.

4)  For who registered and DID pay:  you will be refunded in full, back to the card you paid with.  If you require that your refund be sent to another place, it will need to be issued by check (domestic) or wire transfer (international).  Please email panderson@mbl.edu regarding refunds.

5)  For Travel Award winners:  Jude will be in touch with further instructions and information.


We are also excited to announce the dates of WHIP 2021, APRIL 11-14, 2021.  Please mark your calendars!


We hope to make WHIP 2021 an incredibly successful gathering for our community, and we will be in touch throughout 2020 with details and information.  The immunoparasitology community is incredible.  We so appreciate your support and understanding.  We are looking forward to to reconvening in 2021 to hear about all the exciting developments in the field.  If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me at etwojno@uw.edu.


WHIP Flyer


Prior to your arrival please read and review the attached policies.  You will be required to sign and acknowledge receipt of these policies prior to participating in the meeting. You can either print the last page of this document and bring it with you or we will have physical copies at the Swope Front Desk for your convenience.


2020 (31st) Annual Molecular Parasitology Meeting

Molecular Parasitology Meeting 2020 will be virtual


This meeting covers all aspects of parasite molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, genetics and genomics. We seek broad representation of all parasites and approaches, and presentations by students and post-docs are particularly encouraged. Typically at the MBL in Woods Hole, this year the conference will be online around the world and in your home. A virus will not keep parasitology down!

—Manoj Duraisingh, Nina Papavasiliou, and Boris Striepen with special help from Omar Harb.

More information will be available in the coming weeks. If you wish to receive email announcements about the conference, you can sign up at this link: https://genetics-gsa.org/parasitology/

. If you have any questions, contact gsaconferences@genetics-gsa.org.

Conference Dates: September 20–24, 2020

Abstract Submission Deadline: August 12, 2020, 8:00 p.m. EDT



Mobile Genetic Elements Conference 2019


Mobile Genetic Elements Conference 2019

August 29 – 31, 2019, Woods Hole, MA

Abstract Submission Deadlines: August 1 for talk and fellowship consideration; August 12 for poster presentations. Approximately half of the talks will be chosen from submitted abstracts.

Click HERE to register.

Online Registration: Closes August 12th 2019. 


Confirmed Speakers and subject areas: 

Andrew Clark, Cornell University (TEs and satellite repeats)

Michael Chandler, Toulouse/Georgetown University (Bacterial transposons)

Cedric Feschotte, Cornell University (Transposon domestication)

Vera Gorbunova, University of Rochester (L1 retrotransposons and aging)

Molly Hammell, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (Transposon genomics)

Damon Lisch, Purdue University (Plant TEs and stress)


Meeting Organizers: 

Irina Arkhipova, Marine Biological Laboratory <iarkhipova@mbl.edu>

Cedric FeschotteCornell University <cf458@cornell.edu>

William Reznikoff, Marine Biological Laboratory <breznikoff@mbl.edu>

Fernando RodriguezMarine Biological Laboratory <frodriguez@mbl.edu>


Abstracts should be submitted by e-mail directly to the organizers in PDF format, and include title, authors, institutions, and body text. This should be a concise ≤300 word description of the work to be presented by the submitting author (underlined). Please indicate oral/poster preference.

Poster Size – Portrait size max. 32″ x 54″

Talks chosen from abstracts will be 20 minutes, including Q&A
Dear Mobile DNA Researchers,

We are pleased to announce the seventh edition of the biannual Mobile Genetic Elements meeting which will take place from Thursday, August 29 to Saturday, August 31, 2019 at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) in  Woods Hole, MA. This meeting brings together experimental and computational scientists seeking to narrow the gap between the fast-paced discovery of transposable elements in silico and the limited number of experimental models amenable to functional studies of structural, mechanistic, and regulatory properties of transposable elements and their impact on prokaryotic and eukaryotic hosts. The meeting will start with dinner at 6:00 pm on Thursday and end with lunch at 1:00 pm on Saturday.

The meeting continues the series of biannual regional meetings held since 2007 in Woods Hole and in Cold Spring Harbor, and now broadly covers the northeastern quarter of the continent, although transposon enthusiasts from any state or country are always welcome and have enjoyed attending in the past. Please forward this information to your colleagues or trainees who might be interested in attending.

We especially welcome abstract submissions from young scientists at the graduate, postdoctoral, and early-stage investigator levels. Approximately half of the talks will be selected from submitted abstracts. Financial support towards registration costs will be made available to selected presenters, as well as to members of under-represented minority groups. To qualify for fellowship support, please provide a brief justification to either of the organizers by e-mail upon abstract submission. Funds are limited, so applying early will increase chances for support. Abstracts submitted after August 1 will not be considered for talks.

This year, the open-access journal Genes will sponsor two awards to young scientists (best talk and best poster) and provide a discount for publication of conference papers in a special issue with a submission window between August and December 31, 2019. To participate, you will need to submit an abstract, which will be presented either as a talk or a poster, and prepare either an original research article or a review based on the subject of your presentation. We will ensure that each manuscript undergoes a thorough peer review.

Additionally, plant biologists studying plant TEs and viruses will have the opportunity to submit their contributions to a research topic in the co-sponsoring journal, Frontiers in Plant Sciences, which also supports junior scientists

Click Here for Directions on getting to the MBL

We look forward to seeing you in August!

Irina Arkhipova, Cedric Feschotte, Bill Reznikoff, Fernando Rodriguez, Organizers



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Kinetoplastid Molecular Cell Biology 2019 Abstract Book