Statement in Support of Agassiz Road Name Change

September 2, 2020

As the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) considers the ways in which we as an institution can actively confront racism and support our Black community members in tangible ways, we would like to offer the laboratory’s support of the community effort to replace the name of Agassiz Road to honor Dr. Jewel Cobb, an important member of the MBL community for more than six decades.

Although Agassiz Road is no longer on MBL property, its legacy resides with the laboratory. As we work to create a campus environment where all are to be treated with dignity and respect, we must also look to our Woods Hole locale with which we are closely entwined by proximity, history, and community. The MBL is committed to transformative institutional change, and realizes that progress will require dedication, hard work, and the willingness to listen and work transparently. As an institution we are working to understand how to best make these changes and look forward to engaging with the community in the future around these efforts.