Be Yourself @ MBL Monitor Project

In our continued effort to provide an open and welcoming community at the MBL, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee invites you to be a part of the “Be Yourself @ MBL” campaign. We recognize the significant contributions of many of the MBL’s under represented minorities from the past. We now seek to expand this recognition to all who work and study at our institution. We invite you — faculty and staff, course students and Whitman Scientists — to make your own contributions to the legacy of world class science. We gather every year to explore the diverse nature of the organisms that help us understand our world. Now we wish to expand that exploration to celebrating the wonderful diverse web of individuals that make up our community.

The “Be Yourself @ MBL” campaign invites you to be a part of that diversity. Please click here to submit a selfie, tell us your MBL affiliation, and most importantly, tell us about yourself in 100 characters or less. You will be featured on our campus monitors, website and the MBL’s social media. By standing up and speaking out, you’re letting the world know that you can indeed Be Yourself @ MBL.

This page will be updated with submissions regularly.