Indigenous Peoples’ Day

October 7, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

In an effort to honor the native populations that were displaced and decimated after European explorers reached the North American continent, the Marine Biological Laboratory joins other institutions, cities, and states across the country to recognize and observe Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Monday, October 12.

The name change from Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day will not change the paid holiday status of the date at the MBL (the second Monday of October), but will rather serve as a time of reflection and celebration of the heritage that is such a vital part of our community.


Nipam H. Patel, Director
David Mark Welch, Co-Chair, MBL Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee
Jennifer Morgan, Chair, MBL Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee

To learn more about Indigenous Peoples’ Day and for more information and resources, visit: