Suzanne Thomas


Suzanne Thomas
Senior Research Assistant
Marine Biological Laboratory

Interview by: Stella Borsuk, Chaeran Brzostowski, Murielle Echeverri

Selfies with Scientists is a project of MBL’s Children’s Programs. We are endeavoring to investigate the world of science through our interviews.

Working in the Ecosystems Center, Ms Thomas, is interested in biochemistry and has been a scientist for twenty-five years.

As a child she wanted to be an astronaut but when she learned they had to have 20/20 vision she became interested in engineering.

While studying engineering she felt pressure to perform as she was one of only three women in the engineering department. She worked hard so she wouldn’t be regarded as a bad female engineer.

At the Marine Biological Laboratory she has studied nitrogen in river water between areas with high and low density human populations. In the laboratory she maintains a variety of algae which involves balancing nutrients and trace elements and this is a science in itself.

Ms Thomas reports it is challenging to run a lab because you have to ask for grants and there doesn’t ever seem to be enough money for everything the team wants to do.

She enjoys adapting everyday objects to make equipment for research – sometimes hitting the local hardware store to find just the right item.