Woods Hole Black History Month

The Woods Hole Black History Month Committee (WHBHMC) is dedicated to celebrating and educating the Woods Hole community and the community at large about African American history and culture. The committee is responsible for planning and putting on events during the month of February. Past events have included art exhibits, speakers, musical groups and the annual Harambee. The committee is open to all people regardless of ethnicity, gender, race or difference of any kind. For more information about Woods Hole Black History Month, please click here.

This year marks the 38th anniversary of this festive event. The theme for this year’s Black History Month is “Black Migration” which highlights the movement of people of African descent from the South, particularly during the twentieth century, and explores the dynamics of their new social realities.

2019 Events:

2/21/19 – 12:30pm: “The Road North: Why, When, & How Black People Migrated from the South”

2/23/19 – 2pm: The Diseased Ship: Examining Cape Cod’s Connections to the Slave Trade

2/28/19 – 4pm: The Environmental Justice of Renewable Energy

2/28/19 – 5:30pm: Harambee