Dive Manual

Marine Biological Laboratory Scientific Diving Manual

This manual contains all policies and standards concerning our research diving program.

This page contains the indices to the different sections of the manual. Each Section is kept on a different web page to speed up loading and browsing. You can return to this index from any page by clicking on “Dive Manual TOC” in the menu to the left.

1.00 General Policies

1.10 The Scientific Diving Standards
1.20 Operational Control
1.30 Consequence of Violation of Regulations by Scientific Divers
1.40 Consequences of Violation of Regulations by Organizational Members
1.50 Record Maintenance

2.00 Diving Regulations

2.10 Introduction
2.20 Pre-dive Procedures
2.30 Diving Procedures
2.40 Post-dive Procedures
2.50 Emergency Procedures
2.60 Flying after Diving
2.70 Record Keeping Requirements

3.00 Diving Equipment

3.10 General Policy
3.20 Equipment
3.30 Auxiliary Equipment
3.40 Support Equipment
3.50 Equipment Maintenance
3.60 Air Quality Standards

4.00 Scientific Diver Certification And Authorizations

4.10 Prerequisites
4.20 Training
4.30 Diver Certification and Authorizations
4.40 Depth Authorizations
4.50 Maintaining Active Status
4.60 Revocation of Authorization

5.00 Medical Standards

5.10 Medical Requirements
5.20 Frequency of Medical Evaluations
5.30 Information Provided Examining Physician
5.40 Content of Medical Evaluations
5.50 Physician’s Written Report

6.00 Nitrox Diving

6.10 Requirements for Nitrox Authorization
6.20 Minimum Activity to Maintain Authorization
6.30 Operational Requirements
6.40 Nitrox Diving Equipment

Appendices 1- 9

Appendix 1 – Diving Medical Exam Overview For The Examining Physician
Appendix 2 – AAUS Medical Evaluation Of Fitness For Scuba Diving Report
Appendix 2b – AAUS/MBL Medical Evaluation Of Fitness For Scuba Diving Report
Appendix 3 – Diving Medical History Form
Appendix 4 – Recommended Physicians With Expertise In Diving Medicine
Appendix 5 – Definition Of Terms
Appendix 6 – MBL/AAUS Request For Diving Reciprocity Form
Verification Of Diver Training And Experience
Appendix 7 – Emergency Action Plan
Appendix 8 – MBL/AAUS Statistics Collection Criteria And Definitions
Appendix 9 – Recommendations For Rescue Of A Submerged Unresponsive Compressed-Gas Diver

Appendix 10 – Dive Plan