The Conte Research Group

Conte's research is supported by collaborative projects through the MBL and her home affiliation, the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS).

Dr. Maureen Conte’s research group conducts multi-disciplinary research on ocean and terrestrial carbon cycle processes using a variety of geochemical and isotopic techniques.
The Bermuda Oceanic Flux Program (OFP) is an on-going time-series of particle flux in the deep Sargasso Sea, spanning over forty years of continuous observations. The OFP time-series anchors our oceanographic research activities and fosters diverse research and educational collaborations across the oceanographic community. Our lab conducts detailed analyses of the flux composition using a variety of microscopic and chemical methods that yield valuable insights into the interplay between the ocean’s particle cycle and upper ocean biology, physics, and climate and into the ecosystem processes that reprocess sinking particles in the ocean interior.

Our terrestrial research employs low-level molecular and isotopic techniques to illuminate carbon cycling processes on both ecosystem and continental scales. Our research focuses on trace levels of diagnostic organic compounds (biomarkers) in the atmosphere that are sourced from terrestrial plant emissions, principally the waxes covering the surfaces of leaves. These biomarkers accumulate in continentally-derived air masses and are used to study seasonal and inter-annual variability in the terrestrial biosphere at regional to continental spatial scales, and provide insights into the sensitivity of the terrestrial biosphere to environmental variability, such as rainfall patterns. Our terrestrial research study sites have ranged from the tropical rainforest to the Arctic tundra, and ocean islands that are downwind of major continental ecosystems.

The Conte research laboratory is located at The Ecosystems Center of the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) in Woods Hole, MA.

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The Ecosystems Center
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CV Starr Environmental Laboratory
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