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January 31st, 2020 @   - 

MBL Senior Scientist Joseph Vallino chats marine microorganisms, ocean chemistry, and thermodynamics with the Future Tech Health Podcast team. 

By: Future Tech Health PodcastJoseph Vallino on Future Tech Health Podcast

At the Marine Biological Laboratory, Senior Scientist Joseph Vallino is researching how microbes impact the chemistry of the ocean.

He joins the podcast to discuss his work in the field of biogeochemistry, which includes questions like the following:

What dictates the distribution of microbes and what types of metabolic activities they carry out in ocean water. How the dissipation of energy gradients in nonliving systems works, and how this idea can be applied to biological systems to better understand how living organisms organize. How the theory of maximum entropy production relates to marine biology and microbial function. There are thousands of different species of bacteria and phytoplankton in just one liter of ocean water, and billions of individual microbes. Since they all carry out different metabolic processes at different times and in different locations, it can be difficult to develop a holistic understanding of the complex chemistry that’s occurring in the ocean. Learn more…

Source: Marine Microorganisms, Ocean Chemistry, and Thermodynamics—Joseph Vallino—Marine Biological Laboratory

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