TEM 1.0


(Figure 1 in Raich et al. 1991. Ecological Applications 1: 399-429)

State Variables:

  • Vegetation Carbon (CV)
  • Vegetation Nitrogen (NV)
  • Soil Organic Carbon (CS)
  • Soil Organic Nitrogen (NAV)

Carbon Fluxes:

  • Gross Primary Production (GPP)
  • GPP = CMAX f(PAR) f(KLEAF) f(CO2, AET/PET) f(TAIR) f(NA)

  • Autotrophic Respiration (RA)
  • RA = RM + RG

  • Litterfall Carbon (LC)
  • LC = CV f(KFALL)

  • Heterotrophic Respiration (RH)
  • RH = KD (CS) f(TAIR) f(PCTP)

Nitrogen Fluxes:

  • Nitrogen Inputs to the Ecosystem (NINPUT)
  • Nitrogen Uptake by Vegetation (NUPTAKE)
  • Litterfall Nitrogen (LN)
  • Net Nitrogen Mineralization (NETNMIN)
  • Nitrogen loss from the Ecosystem (NLOST)

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