UAF Subgroup

The UAF TEM subgroup has primarily focused on scientific issues related to modeling ecosystem carbon dynamics of northern high latitude ecoystems. Specifically, the UAF TEM group has developed versions of the model that include permafrost (TEM 5.0), boreal wildfire (TEM 5.1, TEM 6.0), dynamic organic soil horizons (DOS-TEM), northern peatland C dynamics (peatland DOS-TEM), and northern high latitude ecosystem vegetation dynamics (TEM-DVM, DOS-TEM-DVM).

Current UAF TEM Personnel

Person Current Role Period of Association Associated Model Versions
A. David McGuire Principal Investigator August, 1995 to present TEM2.0, TEM3.0, TEM4.0, TEM4.1, TEM4.2, TEM4.3, TEM4.4, TEM5.0, TEM5.1, TEM6.0, DOS-TEM, Peatland DOS-TEM, TEM-DVM, DOS-TEM-DVM
Eugenie Euskirchen Co-Principal Investigator January, 2004 to present TEM5.1, TEM-DVM, DOS-TEM-DVM
Helene Genet Postdoctoral Fellow September, 2011 to present DOS-TEM, DOS-TEM-DVM
Mark Lara Postdoctoral Fellow March, 2013 to present DOS-TEM-DVM
Vijay Patil Graduate Student August, 2010 to present DOS-TEM-DVM
Colin Tucker Postdoctoral Fellow June, 2013 to present DOS-TEM, DOS-TEM-DVM
Yujin Zhang Postdoctoral Fellow February, 2012 to present DOS-TEM

UAF TEM Alumni

Person Last Role Period of Association Associated Model Versions Current Collaborator?
Mike S. Balshi Graduate Student 2002 to 2007 TEM5.1 No
Todd J. Burnside Programmer ~2000 to 2007 TEM5.1 No
Joy S. Clein Research Technician 1997 to 2010 TEM4.1 Yes
Roger A. Dargaville Postdoctoral Fellow 1999 to 2000 TEM4.1 No
Zhaosheng Fan Postdoctoral Fellow 2011 to 2012 Peatland DOS-TEM Yes
Dan Hayes Postdoctoral Fellow 2006 to 2010 TEM6.0 Yes
Jim Long Hardware Technician 1998 to 2000 TEM4.1 No
Rose A. Meier Researcg Technician 1997 to 2002 TEM4.1 No
Catherine C. Thompson Graduate Student 1998 to 2005 TEM-DVM No
Shuhua Yi Postdoctoral Fellow 2006 to 2008 DOS-TEM Yes
Fengming Yuan Postdoctoral Fellow 2008 to 2011 DOS-TEM, DOS-TEM-DVM Yes
Qianlai Zhuang Graduate Student 1997 to 2001 TEM5.0 Yes

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