Rut Pedrosa Pàmies

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My major research interest is the cycling of elements in the environment, especially the biogeochemistry of carbon. I aim to unravel the natural drivers that control marine ecosystems and the impact that anthropogenic factors have on them. I investigate the factors that regulate the downward flux of material from the surface of the ocean into the interior and from there to the seafloor. I study the role of particles in the oceanic carbon cycle using detailed geochemical characterization (bulk geochemical composition and stable isotopes, lipid biomarkers, major and trace elements, etc.), and integrate the characterization of particle fluxes with the analysis of external (climatic) and internal (oceanographic) forcing conditions. I have a significant interest in issues of direct societal concern, such as persistent organic pollutants and micro- and nanoplastics in marine ecosystems, and the ways in which the oceans may be encouraged to remove anthropogenic carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


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