Ecosystems Center and Semester in Environmental Science Webinars

Join the MBL Ecosystems Center scientists as they explore critical problems in environmental science. Inspired by their research, seminars will touch on topics covered as part of the Semester in Environmental Science at the MBL, and span diverse ecosystems ranging from Arctic tundra to temperate forests, coastal marshes and wetlands to the open ocean, deserts to Cape Cod’s salt ponds. Deepen your knowledge about global change, and unexpected consequences of human activity on our planet.

Oct 29, 2020
Sea-level Rise and the Fate of Coastal Salt Marsh Buffers
Anne Giblin, Ecosystems Center Director, MBL; Senior Scientist and Inke Forbrich, Research Scientist
Nov 10, 2020
A Changing Climate, A Changing Ocean
Maureen Conte, MBL Fellow; Senior Scientist, Bermuda Institute for Ocean Science and Rut Pedrosa Pàmies, Research Scientist
Nov 17, 2020
Death Defying Down-regulation Among Algae Living High and Dry in Desert Ecosystems
Zoe Cardon, Senior Scientist and Elena Peredo, Research Scientist
Dec 1, 2020
Human Impacts on the Global Nitrogen Cycle and Nitrogen in the Coastal Zone: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Jim Galloway, Sidman P. Poole Professor, Univ. of Virginia; MBL Trustee; Javier Lloret, Research Scientist and Ken Foreman, SES Program Director
Dec 8, 2020
Breathing Without Air: The Microbial Superheroes of our Backyard
Joe Vallino, Senior Scientist and Emil Ruff, Assistant Scientist
Dec 15, 2020
Will Land Feedbacks to the Climate System Accelerate Global Warming?
Jerry Melillo, Distinguished Scientist, Ed Rastetter, Senior Scientist and Gus Shaver, Senior Scientist Emeritus