Molecular Biology of Aging

Course Date: August 3 – August 23, 2014

Deadline: March 11, 2014 | Online Application Form

2013 Lecture Schedule

Directors: Matt Kaeberlein, University of Washington Medical Center; and Daniel Promislow, University of Washington

Costs of attending the course, including travel, housing, and meals at MBL, are fully supported by The Ellison Medical Foundation.

A three-week lecture and laboratory course featuring the newest and most exciting ideas in aging research, with emphasis on molecular approaches. A distinguished faculty will interact with approximately 20 students via lecture, discussion, hands-on experiments, and analysis of data. Lecture topics encompass yeast, invertebrate and mammalian model systems; human genetics; mitochondrial function and oxidative stress; DNA mutations and repair; telomeres and cellular senescence; and evolutionary considerations. Laboratory modules will expose students to modern experimental techniques and concepts important in the field, along with an introduction to essential statistical and computational methods of data analysis.

2013 Faculty and Lecturers:

Anderson, Rozalyn, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Barzilai, Nir, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Berger, Shelley, University of Pennsylvania
Brunet, Anne, Stanford University
Campisi, Judith, Buck Institute for Research on Aging
Guarente, Lenny, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jones, Leanne, University of California, Los Angeles
Kennedy, Brian, University of Washington
Meselson, Matt, MBL
Nelson, James, U. Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Phillips, Patrick, University of Oregon
Pletcher, Scott, University of Michigan
Ruvkun, Gary, Massachusetts General Hospital
Suh, Yousin, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Tatar, Marc, Brown University
Wallace, Douglas, Children’s Hospital Research Institute