Spring Quarter: May 6 to May 24, 2024
Instructor: Sea Education Association 
UChicago Course Number: BIOS27751 / ENSC25000

Course Description:

This three-week course addresses fundamental oceanographic processes that maintain and structure marine biodiversity and productivity, including physical oceanographic processes of dispersal and upwelling, environmental selection, biogeography, nutrient dynamics, primary production, and food web dynamics. Students will design an original research project during an initial shore component at MBL, and then address their own questions by collecting samples and data aboard Sea Education Association (SEA)’s oceanographic research sailing vessel, the SSV Corwith Cramer, on an offshore voyage. During a 9-day voyage at sea, students will deploy oceanographic instruments, interpret various data streams, and work as research teams and watch members as they navigate and sail the vessel.  During the final few days of the course on shore, students will analyze and interpret the data they collected and present their results in written and oral reports.