Geraldine Brooks – Hearing King David: Listening for Lost Voices in Historical Fiction

15_RBaird_Brooks_548Hearing King David: Listening for Lost Voices in Historical Fiction
Geraldine Brooks, author of five historical novels, 2006 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

Herman T. Epstein Endowed Memorial Lectureship*

Friday, November 11, 2016 – 7:30 PM
Lillie Auditorium
Lectures are free and open to the public.

Lecture Abstract:

Geraldine Brooks will speak about her most recent novel, “The Secret Chord” set in Second Iron Age Israel, and how her former career as Mideast correspondent for the Wall Street Journal helped recover the voices from this distant time and place.

Geraldine Brooks is author of five historical novels including the winner of the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, “March.”



*Dr. Herman T. Epstein was born in Portland, Maine, to Russian immigrants. He earned a bachelors’ degree in physics from the University of Michigan and a master’s from Duke University. During World War II he met his wife, Doris E. Wright of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; they were married for nearly 60 years. Throughout the war Dr. Epstein worked in hydrodynamics research and development with NASA in Cleveland. He then returned to Michigan to complete his doctorate in physics, eventually becoming a professor of biophysics at Brandeis University.

During the course of his career, Dr. Epstein published dozens of papers and two books on the subjects of mind, brain, and education. He was dedicated to the problem of how to improve education and how to improve the performance of children in school. Dr. Epstein designed courses in “science for non-scientists” at the high school and college levels. He enjoyed learning, thinking about new material, and teaching people of all ages.  During retirement he worked at the MBL on learning and the retrieval of learning.

Dr. Epstein is fondly remembered for his work on the creation of the Falmouth Forum program. He was eager to have non-science events reach out to engage Falmouth citizens. Friends of Herman Epstein joined together to memorialize and honor him with the establishment the Endowed Memorial Lectureship, which sponsors a Falmouth Forum presentation in his name each year.