Taxes and Withholdings

Financial assistance and honorarium received by individuals who are not US citizens and who do not pay income taxes in the US may be subject to US tax withholding. This is determined by many factors including the type of visa on which the individual enters the US. Amounts of tax withholding range from zero to 30%. However, there are some tax treaties that exist between the US and other countries that exempt individuals from tax withholding. To qualify for tax treaties, MBL must collect information and tax forms to determine if withholding is necessary and handled appropriately. This information is gathered through the on-line Foreign National Information System (FNIS).

Access to FNIS can be obtained through the MBL’s Financial Services Office. Contact the Kate Ahern-Wolseley at for details. ¬†Upon arrival at the MBL, you will need to meet with Kate to share copies of your passport and other necessary documents, and in certain circumstances, sign US tax forms.

Further Information

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