Gallery of Nipam Patel Research Images

An adult Blue Crayfish, which nicely illustrates the diversity of appendages possessed by crustaceans. Credit: Nipam Patel
Morpho didius butterflies are sexually dimorphic (male in upper left, female next to it). The rest of the butterflies shown here are known as gynandromorphs, as they are part male and part female. Credit: Nipam Patel
The structurally colored blue wing scales of a Morpho peleides butterfly. Credit: Ryan Null and Nipam Patel
An embryo of the amphipod crustacean, Parhyale hawaiensis. Engrailed (red) is expressed at the posterior of each segment, while Ubx+abdA (green) are restricted to a subset of thoracic and abdominal segments. Credit: Erin Jarvis and Nipam Patel
Embryos of the amphipod crustacean, Parhyale hawaiensis, at about halfway through embryonic development. The red staining shows the expression pattern of different Hox (homeotic) genes along the anterior-posterior axis. Credit: Julia Serano, Danielle Liubicich and Nipam Patel
Embryo of the dwarf cuttlefish, Sepia bandensis. Seven of the eight arms are visible along with the two tentacles that have sucker-covered ends. Credit: Maggie Rigney and Nipam Patel