Nell Bowen
Nell Bowen, Research Assistant, Giblin Lab

At MBL, I work in the Giblin lab researching how the cycling of Iron and sulfur influences carbon cycling and oxygen use in the coastal marsh sediments on Plum Island. In this project we are examining how high plant production and high carbon burial are maintained in this dynamic environment.  I love the collaborative nature of MBL and am proud to be part of a team contributing to the deeper understanding of ecosystem dynamics and environmental conservation. In my free time I like to do pottery, sail, and ski. 

Caroline Casiano-Rivera
Caroline Casiano-Rivera

I’m Caroline, an ENGAGE-bio postbac scholar working in the Morgan lab where I study the impacts of impaired mitochondria at synapses to understand better how to treat diseases like Parkinson’s disease and Dementia with Lewy Bodies. I really enjoy being able to work in a place where there’s so many unique organisms used every day to answer very important questions. For fun, I love being able to have a nice dinner with friends—that we made or got at a nice place. 

Kelsey Chenoweth
Kelsey Chenoweth, Research Assistant

At MBL, I research the effects of nitrogen enrichment on salt marsh vegetation and its connection to sea level rise in Great Sippewissett Marsh. In the fall, I am also the lead lab instructor for the Semester in Environmental Science. I love working here because of the collaborative environment and the opportunity to contribute to vital environmental research. For fun, I teach pottery at the Falmouth Art Center, which provides a creative outlet away from my scientific work.

Alison Crawford
Alison Crawford, Chief of Staff and Director of Board Engagement

I have been at the MBL for seven years and have had the opportunity to provide support to MBL’s Director Nipam Patel to help him, MBL leadership, and the MBL Board advance the MBL’s strategic vision and plan. I spend most days working with others to implement the many activities underway to advance the MBL into its next 100 years. I am grateful for the impact that scientists have on the world and since I am not a scientist, I feel that I can have an impact using my administrative skills to help scientists in any ways that are useful to them. When I’m not working, you can find me on Peloton, playing with my wild pup Riggs, in the garden, hanging with nieces and nephews, or watching one of the many Blue-Ray DVDs that my partner is collecting.

Kim Elber
Kim Elber, Housing and Conference Analyst

I am responsible for all the tasks associated with running a conference at MBL from preparing quotes and contracts to setup to billing. I love working here because there is a warm, caring sense of community that makes this seem a lot less like work. I am also proud to be a member of this community because of the research conducted by all the labs which has invaluable impact on Woods Hole and beyond. Something I like to do for fun is go for walks on the beach and collect seashells with my children.

Aksel Jensen
Aksel Jensen, MBL Grounds Crew

I work at MBL on the grounds crew doing landscaping, box moving, and shuttle driving on the weekends. I enjoy working at MBL because It is quite nice to be outside all the time working. In my free time I often study for my summer classes or play pickleball, spikeball, and ultimate frisbee with my friends. I am a junior at Worcester Polytechnic Institute Studying Computer Science, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, and Neuroscience.

Eric Jensen
Eric Jensen, Environmental Health & Safety Manager

I run the Safety Department at the MBL which includes chemical, biological, radiation, lasers and occupational health.   As safety effects everyone at MBL, I have the opportunity to meet all new employees and get to know most people at MBL on a first name basis – which I really enjoy! I am not a runner, but instead an avid cyclist riding most days of the week on my road or mountain bike typically before daylight!

Sarah Kerr
Sarah Kerr, Research Assistant, Rawlinson Lab

I am a research assistant in the Rawlinson Lab, helping to develop a single cell atlas of the human-infectious larval stage of the blood fluke parasite, S. mansoni. The aim is to better understand how they detect and infect their hosts and apply this information to preventing infection. My experience as an early researcher at the MBL has been invaluable, having provided me the opportunity to connect with scientists in a variety of fields and exposing me to the possible pathways toward a fulfilling career in science. In my free time, I enjoy linolium block printing, crocheting, and reading contemporary romance novels at the beach. I am psyched about running the Falmouth Road Race with the MBL team!

Grace Manning
Grace Manning, External Compliance and Reporting Accountant, Financial Services Department

My undergraduate degree was in Biology and Environmental Science and I enjoy being a part of this community pursuing impactful research. It has been a delight to learn more about the research happening on campus during training runs with my fellow MBL runners. Beyond spreadsheets and miles covered on dirt or pavement, I spend my time cultivating our garden.

Jenny McCarthy-Taylor
Jenny McCarthy-Taylor, Postdoctoral Researcher

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Albertin lab!  I study body plan evolution in molluscan species, like squid and sea slugs.  I first moved to Falmouth in 2018 to complete my PhD thesis.  Originally from sunny southern California, running in different seasons was new to me, but I have enjoyed it so much.  I love running on the shining sea bike path either before or after work and watching the scenery changes throughout the year!  Running has been a part of my life since I first joined my cross country team in high school and I continued to run throughout college.  Now as a researcher, I love to step outside of the lab and be part of the wonderful running community in Falmouth.  I love to run in our local races and always feel so supported by the Falmouth community cheering as I run the course! 

Colleen McMaken
Colleen McMaken, Research Assistant

I have been a research assistant for Kristin Gribble's Laboratory for almost two years. In the Gribble Lab, we are working on understanding maternal effects (how a mother's physiology and environment affect the phenotype of her offspring) on the lifespan and reproduction of rotifers (Brachionus manjavacas). Working at the MBL has provided me with countless new research opportunities, but what truly made me love working at the MBL is the community and how welcoming and enthusiastic all the staff is here! Outside of work, you can find me at the beach, gym, on a running trail, or out playing softball with the MBL Softball Team. This will be my first time running the Falmouth Road Race, but my last race was the London Marathon this past April.

Beverly Naigles
Beverly Naigles, Postdoctoral Scientist, Swartz Lab

I am a postdoctoral researcher in Zak Swartz's lab in the Bell Center, where I use sea stars to study how developing eggs and their supporting follicle cells interact in ovaries to produce functional eggs.  We hope that this research will both contribute to our understanding of how sea stars are able to make millions of eggs throughout their adult lives and inform human reproductive therapies. I love the collegiality and energy of the MBL, and the way that people here are always willing to help each other out or try out a new idea. For fun, I like to go hiking all around New England!

Juan Felipe Diaz Quiroz
Juan Felipe Diaz Quiroz, Research Scientist, Rosenthal Lab

I’m a Senior Project Manager in the Rosenthal Lab. I’ve been at the MBL for six years and I work on a project that aims to develop a molecular therapy for chronic pain using A to I RNA editing.

What I like the most about working at the MBL is the collaborative environment. Everyone is always willing to help with a project regardless whether they are a permanent or visiting scientist, undergraduate or post-doc, molecular biologist or engineer. Everyone is committed to advance science and generate knowledge. For the past four years, along with Mayra Sanchez and Sherly Perez Castro,  we have been teaching people from the MBL and WHOI community how to dance Salsa.

Will Ramos
William Ramos, Research Assistant

I work as a Research Assistant II in Dr. Abhishek Kumar’s lab where we focus on developing new microscope systems as well as software for microscopy data analysis. I focus on developing advanced image processing and analysis pipelines that I then packaged into user-friendly graphic user interfaces (GUIs) with visualizations. I also partake in the animal husbandry for model organisms that we maintain to test our systems and data pipelines from start to finish. I thoroughly enjoy working here because each day can look drastically different, and I've been able to learn a plethora of new things day to day. The novelty and diversity make the job exciting and intellectually stimulating as we try to solve many little problems to eventually tackle larger ones.

In my free time outside of the lab, I often find myself lifting weights, listening to new music, producing music, and taking photos, or playing a bit of video games rather than running. Ironically, I used to be a cross-country runner so I'm excited to get back to training and break the threshold for that sweet rush of endorphins.

Denis Renna
Denis Renna, Computer Support Technician

I have been the computer support tech at the MBL since 1993, helping the year round administrative and science staff with their computer needs.   Over the years I have enjoyed meeting and helping thousands of visiting students, faculty, and scientists from all over the world. I have been fortunate to be able to work with the Ecosystems Center at Toolik Lake, Alaska as a fisherman on a LTER project. I enjoy outdoor sports and adventures.  Hiking in the western mountains, hunting and fishing.  

Michael Sackville
Michael Sackville, Postdoctoral Scientist

I’m a postdoc with Dr. Andrew Gillis in the Bay Paul Center. My research explores how the specialized cells that make up our kidneys first originated and evolved in animals. I absolutely love the MBL because it’s the only place where we can access all of the different animals that we need for our work -plus the seaside view from the lab can’t be beat! Running has been a really fun way to get to know the special community that we have here, and I’m very excited to be part of the team!

Agustin Moreira Saporiti
Agustin Moreira Saporiti, Postdoctoral Scientist, Ecosystems Center

I study the reproduction of marine plants around the Cape. I collect their flowers and seeds to understand which genes underpin their development. Yes, there are flowers also underwater! I love working at MBL because I can go from my lab and jump right in the water to check on this beautiful (and important!) organism. I am a big fan of swimming, snorkeling and free diving. Love reading, and spending the evening just talking for hours about anything.

Jessica Stock
Jessica Stock, Postdoctoral Scientist

I am a postdoctoral fellow in the Albertin lab, where I study neural development in cephalopods. When I first came to the MBL a few years ago with my PhD advisor, who was a Whitman fellow at the time, I was introduced to the magic of the MBL as well as the world of Cephalopod biology. I knew instantly that I had to come back for my postdoctoral research. I first started running in 2018, when I ran a half marathon with my dad, and have never looked back. Now, I try to put on my running shoes and hit the trails any chance I get. Running has always presented me with a way to explore the world around me and take a break to clear my mind. I am beyond excited to be representing the MBL at the Falmouth Road Race this year.

Emma Svatos
Emma Svatos, Research Assistant

I am a Research Assistant in the Ecosystems Center. I study coastal pollution, specifically how estuaries can recover from excess nutrients via wastewater diversion. My study sites are right here in Falmouth, so it’s deeply meaningful to me that my research is relevant for our local community. I love working at MBL because I am surrounded by the most supportive and welcoming group of people. In my free time, I enjoy going for runs with my dog, crochet, bird watching, disc golfing, and volunteering at a local marine wildlife hospital.

Jessica Wilkins
Jessica Wilkins, Research Assistant

I am a Research Assistant in the Patel lab studying the evolution and development of various arthropods. At the moment, I am researching the unique body segmentation pattern in the tadpole shrimp, Triops longicaudatus. I also manage all animal care for the Patel lab which involves taking care of a variety of model organisms ranging from marine crustaceans to butterflies. The MBL is a great place to work with endless opportunities in science and amazing colleagues. In my free time, I love spending time outdoors whether for a run, hike, or swim in the ocean.