W. M. Keck Ecological and Evolutionary Genetics Facility


The Keck Facility at the Josephine Bay Paul Center (JBPC) is equipped for “Next-Gen” sequencing. While the JBPC has priority use of the facility, it is available to certain other “outside users” within the Woods Hole community.  Please be aware that the JBPC does not operate a commercial sequencing service and is only responsible for the operation of our specialized instrumentation.  Users are expected to complete the majority of sample preparation and to recognize the concept of shared risk.

See “Keck Sequencing” menu above for more information.

Various instrument manuals can be found here.

Next-Generation Sequencing Projects

The BPC has retired the Roche GS-FLX ‘454’ and Ion Torrent PGM sequencers as of 2013.  We have transitioned to Illumina platforms for amplicon tag sequencing and other applications.  We currently operate an Illumina MiSeq, capable of 2 x 300 nt reads (~20M clusters), and an Illumina NextSeq, capable of 2 x 150 nt reads (130-400M clusters). Our instrumentation and expertise can be used for collaborative projects and arrangement should be made with the Director, David Mark Welch. Please do not contact us about ‘fee for service’ work.

Template Preparation and Sanger Sequencing

Due to lack of demand, the Keck Facility no longer provides these services.  11/08/2016


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