Eric Edsinger

eric edsingerEric Edsinger
Research Scientist
Phone: 415-730-4865
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I am interesting in developing genetic tools to functionally explore the novel often alien-like systems in cephalopods, including adaptive skin color, jet propulsion, and arms and sucker systems.   These tools will also enable direct comparisons of complex systems evolved in parallel in lineages leading to octopus vs human, including complex brains and behaviors, camera-like eyes, and a high-pressure circulatory system with multi-chambered hearts. My focus is on the pygmy squid and pygmy octopus as potential “lab rats”, similar to model organisms, like zebrafish and mouse. I am also interested in cephalopod microbiomes, and the development of a gnotobiotic system using pygmy octopus to look at the potential intersection of the microbiome and behavior in cephalopods.

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