Morrison Lab


Intertidal zones at Schoodic Point, Maine (Acadia National Park).


Hilary G. Morrison
Senior Scientist
p: 508 289 7339
f: 508 457 4727


Dr. Hilary Morrison is a molecular biologist with graduate and postgraduate training in virology and infectious disease epidemiology. She is a year-round resident scientist with research interests in parasite genomics, microbial ecology, and sequencing technology. She led the project to sequence, assemble, and annotate the Giardia lamblia genome, published in Science in 2007. Giardia, as well as being a medically important human parasite, is an enigmatic microbe that exhibits an early divergence in the eukaryotic domain of life. Morrison was part of an MBL team that developed pyrotag sequencing, a method for defining microbial population structures using high-throughput next generation instruments to sequence short regions of the ribosomal RNA gene. She has been instrumental in obtaining and developing protocols for new sequencing technologies and developing new software tools and pipelines. She was part of a multi-institutional team that developed a transposon-based next-generation library construction technique. Morrison collaborates on diverse microbiome projects including the gut and lung microbiomes of cystic fibrosis patients and the macroalgal microbiome across time and space.


Vickie Frazier
Research Assistant II
p: 508 289 7970
f: 508 457 4727




Bailey Fallon
Research Assistant I
p: 508 289 7179
f: 508 457 4727



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