Post Lab

Anton Post
Whitman Scientist
p: 508 289 7131
f: 508 457 4727


Anton F. Post is a microbiologist who specializes in the molecular ecology of marine microorganisms with a focus on abundant cyanobacterial species. He combines his training in microbiology and molecular biology to investigate nitrogen assimilation pathways and their evolution in these phototrophs. Dr. Post has pioneered the role of these pathways in nitrogen stress responses of cyanobacteria and has developed molecular diagnostics tools to probe their nitrogen status. He discovered the widespread utilization of cyanate by microbes in marine environments and documents the evolution of transport systems for this nitrogen compound. Presently, Post uses –omics enabled approaches for the study of microbial communities that accompany cyanobacterial and algal blooms in the open ocean, coastal seas, Antarctic polynyas and the Laurentian Great Lakes. Developing projects in his group include the architecture and ecological roles of microbial communities on desert trees in addition to managing his research program, and the distribution of predatory bacteria in marine environments and their microbial food web interactions. Post is also an NSF Program Director in Biological Oceanography where he administers proposals/awards in marine microbiology. At NSF he further contributes to the management of C-DEBI, a Science and Technology Center focused on life in the Deep Biosphere. Lastly, Dr. Post is tasked with starting a community driven process to arrive at a National Cyber Infrastructure for Biological Oceanography in the context of the NSF Earth Cube initiative














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