2010 – 2019


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Alexiev, Alexandra – A Tale of Two Coral Microbes: How motility and quorum sensing may play a role in competition between Vibrio species

Arrington, Eleanor – Polymicrobial sulfur cycling among enrichments of purple sulfur bacteria and sulfate reducing bacteria

Bertolet, Brittni – Characterization of hydrogenotrophic methanogenic Archaea enriched from Trunk River

Campbell, Danielle – Searching for novel giant viruses in the unexplored protist hosts Corallomyxa tenera and Oxyrrhis marina

Chappell, Callie – Disentangling the genetic basis of structural color in iridescent Tenacibaculum spp.

Chong, Grace – Characterization of Salt Pond, Falmouth, MA: Its residents and their habitat

Gajigan, Andrian – An attempt to enrich for mesophilic archaea and associated viruses

Graham, Elaina – Efforts towards a pure culture of a Vorticella sp. from Cedar Swamp

Hai, Yang – Microbial Diversity of the northern star coral, Astrangia poculata, II

Lai, Peggy – The effect of hyperoxia on marine microbial community composition, growth, and biofilm formation

Lanpher, Kaycie – A multi-variant investigation into the role of exopolysaccharide structures in Pseudomonas baetica

Lynch, Shannon – The effect of different nutritional resources on gram-negative bacterial communities isolated from marine environments

McCallum, Monica – Imaging the Microbial Community of the Marine Sponge Clathria prolifera

Plata, Germán – Physiology of enrichment cultures: stimulation of the nitrogen cycle in sediments from the Salt Pond

Rizk, Sandra – Directed Evolution Towards Detergent Tolerance

Schwenck, Sarah – What happened to my lemonade? A look into bloom dynamics at Trunk River

Tucker, Sarah – One nuclei at a time: FISHing and staining to understand chromosome composition and nuclear activity in the rhizarian Corallomyxa tenera

Urtecho, Guillaume

Vargas-Muñiz, José – Characterization of anaerobic eukaryotic communities from Cedar Swamp and Trunk River anaerobic sediments

Weissman, Jake – Experimental Evolution and Characterization of the Infection Dynamics of a Novel Pseudoalteromonas Phage


Barnett, Samuel – Exploring the extracellular electron transfer potential of biochar with soil microbes

Bar-On, Yinon – Searching for PCA Reducers and Oxidizers

Busck, Mette – Isolating and Imaging Horseshoe Crab Symbionts

Chittor, Achala – Predator-­Prey Interactions Between an Amoeba and a Bacterium from Cedar Swamp

Demko, Alyssa – A culture-­based comparison of sediment-­dwelling bacteria along a tidal gradient

Dykes, Gretchen – Irony or coincidence? Exploration of habitats suitable to support chemolithoheterotrophic iron-oxidation

Grießmeier, Victoria – Comparison of aerobic and anaerobic cellulose degrading microorganisms in sediments of Sippewissett Salt March

Herrera, Nadia – Characterization of the iridescence and motility mutants in Tenacibaculum sp. strain ECSMB88

Hussain, Fatima – Exploring the earthworm gut as model for soil microbial ecology

Kardish, Melissa – Multi-species biofilm formation from seagrass-associated bacterial communities

Lin, Jonathan Y. – An Investigation of the Bacterial Communities within a Soil Macroaggregate

Maguffin, Scott C. – Heterologous complementation of isolated and environmental DNA into Escherichia coli using lambda phage

Moynihan – Molly A, Microbial Diversity of the northern star coral, Astrangia poculata

Nguyen, Chi – Shining the Light on the Structural Color of Tenacibaculum Ectocooler

Perry, Elena K. – Pleomorphism and Iridescence in Tenacibaculum geojense

Shafiee, Roxana – Microbes need their vitamins too: The role of vitamin B12 in microbial light-sensing

Sharma, Indu – Microbial Symbionts from the Endostyle Region of the Ascidiella aspersa (Sea Squirt) capable of metabolizing iodine?

Tsypin, Lev – Setting up a lemonade stand: all the juicy details

Wandro, Stephen – The effects of amoeba grazing on bacterial populations

Zhou, Lei – An Approach to Identify ‘Microbial Dark Matter’ Parcubacteria in Environmental Samples and Enrichments from Woods Hole


Braus, Michael – Responses of bacillus spore germination to soil extracts

Brown, C. Titus – Isolation of a Shewanella species that grows anaerobically on nitrate and acetate and aerobically on LB

Enalls, Brandon C. – Dynamics of phototrophic sulfur oxidizing bacteria inhabiting Trunk River’s “Lemonade”

Grond, Kirsten – Preliminary genome analysis of porphyrobacter sp. nov. isolated from brackish sediment collected from the trunk river bank, MA.

Happel, Elisabeth Münster – Enrichment of anaerobic, sulfide oxidizing denitrifiers from Trunk River sediments in southern Cape Cod, MA.

Holland-Moritz, Hannah – Investigating the presence of Nitrogen-fixing Chlorobi in Trunk River’s “Lemonade” Microbial Blooms

Jelen, Benjamin – Diversity of Soil Microbes Isolated Through 0.22um Filter Pores

Kee, Lynn – Characterization of Gliding and Iridescent Mutant in marine Tenacibaculum discolor

Mayer, Marisa – Utilizing Squalene Tetrahymanol Cyclase (STC) Degenerate Primer PCR and IMMUNOFISH to Identify New Microbial Eukaryotes in the Environment

Mayr, Magdalena – Ultra‐small cells and a new isolate of the Marinilabiliaceae and a charismatic methanogen ‐ accidents and discoveries from Trunk River, Woods Hole

McHugh, Theresa – Comparative Microscopy of an Actinomycete Isolate

Meirelles, Lucas A. – Spatial distribution of cells over the process of biofilm formation in a Methylophilus strain

Mickol, Rebecca – Making a Monster into a Mutant: Isolation and Analysis of a Tenacibaculum sp.

Mikheyeva, Irina – Imaging Lipid Dynamics in an Amoeba Isolate Belonging to the Corallomyxa genus.

Rhim, Jeemin H. – My Newfound Love of Microscopy: Rosette formation in Rhodobacter capsulatus

Sousoni, Despoina – Too high-Too low phosphate

Thorup, Casper – Searching for R-bodies in Trunk River

Villa, Max – Microbial Motility in 3-D: Extending the reach of phase contrast microscopy to track the three dimensional motility of microbes from Woods Hole, MA.

Zhou, Zhichao- Investigating on microbial community of Trunk River shore sediment core profile by CARD-FISH and qPCR


Abdul Halim, Mohd Farid – The diversity of microbial community involved in the iron cycling

Buck, Moritz – Hunting for rare and undersampled phyla in Trunk-river lemonade

Choi, Jessica K. – Tamin’ the amoebae: A preliminary investigation of genetic manipulation on marine microbial predatory eukaryotes

Dabrowska, Alicja – Diversity of soil microorganisms: interactions between novel isolates

Enke, Tim Niklas – Enrichment of electrochemically active bacteria using microbial fuel cell and potentiostat

Ettinger, Cassie – Hunting for Microbial Eukaryotes: Tales from Trunk River

Graham, Emily B. – How do bacterial interactions influence ecosystem development?

Hargreaves, Katherine R. – The domestication of wild sulfate reducers: establishing a continuous culture for maintaining biofilm phenotype.

Huang, Yolanda – Characterization of encystation and excystation in a microbial eukaryote, Nuclearia simplex

Kearney, Sean – Colorful niches enable in situ enrichment of surface-attached phototroph communities

Krause, David J. – Genetic and biochemical analyses of pigmented ring formation in colonies of Pseudoalteromonas sp. 15DK1

Lagostina, Lorenzo – Morphological and behavioral characterization of Corallomyxa tenera.

Liu, Xiaolei – Different biofilm-­forming purple sulfur bacteria enriched from Trunk River

Reese, Aspen T. – Title: 20,000 Leagues into the Cheese: An exploration of spatial organization in cheese rinds

Rivera Pérez, Jessica – Chemotaxis Assays for Marine and Freshwater Amoeba

Russell, James – Bioluminescence in Vibrio spp.: A Mechanism for Redox Homeostasis?

Scholz, Rebecca – Spying on spirilla: Tracking diffusion in the presence of spiral bacteria

Tikhonov, Mikhail – Community-level metabolic characterization of a consortium

Van Steendam, Caroline – Looking for syntrophic acetogen/methanogen interactions

Wu, Yunji- An odd enrichment for purple non-sulfur bacteria from Trunk River


Berben, T. Intracellular calcium carbonate crystals as a possible protection against acidification in Achromatium spp.

Boidi, F. Enrichments of Non-phototrophic Sulfur Oxidizing and Sulfate Reducing Bacteria from Salt Pond Sediments

Cheng, B. A Study of Hyphomicrobium -­‐ Measurement of Denitrification and Examination of Manganese Oxidation

Cohen, J. Growth of Acetogens at Different pH Levels with Varying Carbon and Energy Sources

Conner, J. Environmental Conditions Impact the Chirality of Branching Bacillus Strains.

Gazitúa, M. Coexistance of acetogens, methanogens and sulfate reducing bacteria in enrichments from Trunk River

Hestrin, R. FISHing for Bacteria-Eukaryote Associations (and Other Epic Failures in Microbial Diversity)

Jangir, Y. Biofilms on abiotic surfaces – in situ and in lab experiments

Kiang, N. Looking for a green sulfur bacterium that oxidizes ferrous iron

Krusor, M. The Effect of Redox Potential on Bioluminescence in Vibrio spp.

Mariita, R. Isolation and characterization of species affiliated with family Actinomycetaceae

Murali, R. Effects of vortical flow and shear stress on bacterial behavior and aggregation

Naughton, H. Facultative Fe(III) and Mn(IV) Reducer Diversity

Omairi‐Nasser, A. Looking for phototrophs that use methane and methanol as electron donor

Peng, X. Investigating microbial communities in salt marsh sediments using card-fish

Roller, B. Genetic and genomic analysis of a recently isolated gliding bacterium.

Sarno, A. Transposon Mutagenesis of a Violacein Producing Janthinobacterium sp.

Stacy, A. Microbial Phosphorus Acquisition: A Tale of Drugs, Flowers, and Metal

Szoboszlay, M. Protists vs. purple bacteria

Tien, M. Investigations into Holdfast development in α-­‐proteobacteria



Blanton, J. Attachment of Host-Associated Methanogens: Courting the wallflowers

Buckner, C. Imaging anaerobic methane oxidation at environs near Woods Hole

Cardarelli, E. Unraveling the black box of aquaria biofilter function: FISHing for novel ammonia-oxidizing archaea associations

Donaldson, T. Treating Seawater Biofilms with Violacein Extracts

García, D G. Novel Approach for the Isolation and Identification of Sulfur Bacteria by Chemotaxis Assays

Heyward, C. Attracting Resident Magnetotactic Bacteria in the Little Sippewissett Salt Marsh

Jacome, L. Microscopy and Fluorescence In-Situ Hybridization mini-study of four contaminant-degrading enrichment cultures and Biofilm formation study of the KB-1 and T3L cultures using confocal microscopy Appendix 1

Jesus, E. Activity of methyl phosphonate consuming organisms and enrichment of methanogens from berry ponds in Little Sippewissett Salt Marsh, MA



Mukherjee, D. The Colorful lives of Actinomycetes: Exploring soil and marine actinomycetes, their secondary metabolites and the influence interspecies interactions

Neubauer, C. Enrichments for phototrophic iron and manganese oxidizers from Little Sippewissett and School Street Marsh

Pishchany, G. Fake plastic planets of the Sippewissett Universe


Saleska, S. Imaging a novel methanogen from thawing permafrost (FISHing for Godot?)

Starnawski, P. Chemosynthetic symbioses model based on Solemya velum endosymbiont

Tapilatu, Y. Morphological characterization of putative phages infecting soil Streptomyces from Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Weisenhorn, P. All the single electrons: Do anaerobes put them on a ring?

Yang, T. Function of intercellular calcite granules in Achromatium from Little Sippewissett salt marsh

Behrendt, T. Identification of footprints of microbial activity and their applicability for trace gas emission studies from soil after a rewetting event.

Berry, C. An approach in 3D imaging

Brigham, B. Methanogen oxygen stress: an investigation of the Superoxide dismutase gene.

Larsen, S. Investigations of pink berry cross-feeding

Fernanda , A. Metal corrosion and biological H2S cycling in closed systems.

Gerardin, Y. Viral impact on microbial community composition in a marine ecosystem.

Gravuer, K. A breif investigation of the influence of spatial habitat structure and phylogenetic relatedness on soil microbial community assembly.

Greenspan, A. Photosynthetic cyanobacteria: Are they the only?

Hausladen, D. Stinky potatoes and their impact on biotic metal reduction.

Kay, A. Phenotypic pan- and core- genome characterization of bioluminscent Vibrios

Khawand, M. If leaves could tell their microbial story: The effect of age on leaf microbial community and an optimized CARD-FISH protocol for the identification of bacteria on leaf surfaces.

Kraft, B. Anaerobes? Methanogens? Where can I find them?

Schubotz, F. Degradation of toluene by microbial mats investigated through culture-dependent and culture-independent techniques.

Smith, H. Diel fluctuations in nitrogen fixation in microbial mats from Great Sippewissett marsh

Suter, E. Investigation into Methane production: and Oxic Story?

Thiele, S. A mat gone mad – Metagenomics of a microbial mat.

Torti, A. culture-independent assessment of dissolved DNA as a nutrient source in the marine environment

Whitman, T. Applying 13C stable isotope probing and the pufM gene to investigate anoxygenic phototrophs in the pink layer of a salt marsh microbial mat.

Wolfson, S. Investigating the impacts of toluene on diversity.

Zhang, Y. Journey to the New World: A tale of microbes.

Armitage, D. Ecological investigation into the causes and consequences of cyanobacterial diversity

Aruda, A. Bacteria along for the ride: Exploring microbial interaction from copepods to Anabaena

Blasiak, L. Sea squirt symbionts!

Buchwald, C. Testing our ability to accurately measure nitrification rates in the oligotrophic ocean: does adding ammonium affect the nitifier community composition?

Cregger, M. Long-term oil contamination yields novel phylum of bacteria by 454

Cappelletti, M. Characterization of anoxygenic phototrophs that grow using infrared radiation (>800 nm).

Cordero, O. Enriching spatially structured communities of cellulose degraders.

Gallagher, K. Methanogens in the oxic zone

Glass, J. Characterization of methanogenic communities and nickel requirements for methane production from Woods Hole marshes and isolation of a novel methanogen of the order Methanomicrobiales for Eel Pond mud.

Holmes, J. A preliminary foray into domesticating Pirellula the little pears, as a model Planctomycetes.

Hurley, S. Shifts in the relative abundance of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and archaea in the water column of a stratified marine environment, Salt Pond.

Hemp, J. The search for ancestrally anoxygenic or non-phototrophic Cyanobacteria.

Ma, P. Searching for a circadian clock in Rhodopseudomonas palustris Strain TIE-1 by oxygen entrainment

Rampersaud, R. modeling the effects of acid rain on soil microbial communities: How pH alters the composition, structure and metabolic capabilities of soil communities.

Ruff, E. Physiological and morphological characterization of two Bacillus strains.

Salman, V. Study of phylogenetic consistency, structure and origin of the pink berries in Great and Little Sippewissett salt marsh.

Schick, M. Sulfur-cycle, nitrogenase and carbon utilization in red “berries”.

Shade, A. The Kombucha biofilm: a model system for microbial ecology.

Vuono, D. Dynamics and diversity of activated and sewage-derived microbial populations in a full-scale sequencing batch reactor.

Youngblut, N. Ammonia oxidation in the Great Sippewissett salt marsh: who, where and when?

Campbell, K. Acidophilic Fe(II) oxidation: Kinetics of Fe(II) oxidation by an acidic rock drainage enrichment culture

Campbell, K. A bioelectrical (BES) for enriching Fe(III)-reducing bacteria

Hall, E. The effect of carbon subsidies on planktonic niche partitioning and recruitment of bacteria to marine biofilms

Henriksen, J. The utilization of varying wavelengths of light by cultured and environmental cyanobacteria

Irizarry, I. Diversity of endophytes in various plants from Woods Hole, MA

Jaekel, U. Microbial degradation of chlorophyll.

Kelly, L. Microbial community stability in anoxic sediments under conditions of shifting salinity, oxygen, and sulfate.

Li, M. Using the geneFISH to detect archaeal amoA genes in microbial mats and biofilms

Ling, A. Characterization and sequencing of Pseudoaltermonas spp. phage from Eel Pond (aka Fun with Phage)

Melton, E. SOB gradient tubes

Meredith, L. Substrate exchange within the Anabaena-epibiont association: Does H2 drive symbiosis

Singer, E. The many talents of many-celled magnetotactic bacteria

Sharon, G. Secondary metabolite production by Streptomycetes in situ and in vivo

Sharon, G. (Phi)FISH – a method for FISHing bacteriophage host

Wang, H. DNA subsistence, natural competency, and horizontal gene transfer in marine and soil organisms in the environment

Wilbanks, E.; Humphrey, P.; Jaekel, U. Eco-physiology of macroscopic pink and green bacterial consortia of the might Little Sippewussett salt marsh

Williams, D. Niche separation in methanol consuming bacteria isolated from trees and plants.

Xu, Y. Stable isotope probing of DNA in methantotrophs in soil