Aquaria Sets

Marine organisms for aquaria and their required maintenance

The Marine Biological Laboratory’s Aquatic Resources Division offers a selection of marine organisms for a 10-gallon aquarium. This collection of live marine organisms is an economical way for students to observe a mini-intertidal ecosystem of invertebrate life in your classroom. To find out current prices and how to order, please contact the Aquatic Resources Division at 508-289-7375 or email

This Collection Includes the Following:
2 Brittle Starfish (Ophioderma)
4 Periwinkle Snails (Littorina)
2 Starfish (Asterias forbesi)
1 Coral (Astrangia)
2 Sea Urchins (Arbacia)
2 Sea Cucumbers (Sclerodactyla)
4 Grass Shrimp (Palaemonetes)
5 Barnacles (Balanus)
4 Hermit Crabs (Pagurus longicarpus)
2 Small Blue Mussels (Mytilus)
Small amount of Sea Lettuce (Ulva)
10 gallons of Woods Hole Natural Filtered Seawater

Note: We reserve the right to substitute marine organisms as determined by availability.

A few of these organisms like snails, mussels, and barnacles are not very hardy and/or may be preyed upon by other organisms in this set. They are included for the observational opportunity they provide. With reasonable care, most of the organisms will live for an extended period of time.

Setting Up Your Aquarium
Organism Care Upon Arrival
Organism Care And Feeding

Click here for the full Teacher’s Guide (pdf format)