Aquatic Facilities & Engineering

The Marine Resource facility’s sophisticated life support and water treatment systems enhance both the quality of organisms provided and the diversity of research that can be conducted within the building. As many as ten different regimens of seawater can be provided simultaneously to any of the research or animal holding areas. In addition to raw seawater and a filtered/ozonated water supply, eight independent recirculating seawater systems provide flexible tailoring for almost any aquatic environment Recirculated seawater is ozone-sanitized to control fouling organisms and facultative pathogens. Accurate temperature and photoperiod control within the building allow for the manipulation of the reproductive state of organisms.

Unique Facilities

MRC, Loeb, & Rowe Tank Space Application

Fees for Tank Space and Facilities Use
May through October: space is rented at $13/sq. ft./month
November through April: space is rented at $7/sq. ft./month
There is a $50 fee for routine tank space set-ups. Researchers are expected to take daily care of their animals and regularly feed and clean the tanks unless arrangements are made with the MRD Manager (David Remsen) for staff services for a fee. Please read important policies related to “Use of Aquatic Facilities”.

Contact information:
David Remsen
MRD Manager
MRC 316
7 MBL Street
Woods Hole, MA 02543
FAX: 508-289-7900