Water Quality Analysis & Monitoring

The Marine Resource Department (MRD) staff conducts routine chemical analyses on all seawater systems on the Marine Biological Laboratory campus. These analyses include salinity, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, as well as nitrogen compounds (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate), phosphate, sulfate, and some cations. The biochemical stability of the recirculating and treated seawater systems is assured by daily monitoring of the water systems within the Marine Resources facility.

Thanks to the MBL’s unique relationship with Yellow Springs Instrument Company (YSI), the water quality laboratory can also offer long-term, automated, water quality monitoring of a variety of water quality parameters at depths >100 meters. Individual MBL researchers, or other persons may contract for water quality services by contacting Katie Dever at (508) 289-7458 or (kdever@mbl.edu).