Zebrafish Facility

Information on Using Zebrafish at the MRC

Egg/embryo availability and procedure for ordering:
Wild type fertilized embryos are available year-round. Specific mutant lines are also available at various times of the year. Investigators wishing to obtain embryos are required to have IACUC protocols approved prior to placing their order. Zebrafish/egg request forms are available here (pdf) or paper forms can be found on a bulletin board in the hallway outside room 203. Requests for eggs/embryos must be made at least 48 hours prior to the date they will be needed. The photoperiod for the facility is lights “on” at 9:00 AM and “off” at 11:00 PM. If a specific cell stage is needed please be sure to note this on the egg request form and leave a phone extension where you can be contacted when your eggs are ready.

Larval fish rearing and maintaining of adult fish:
The MBL uses the Aquatic Habitats Inc. fish holding system. Investigators wishing to house their fish at the MBL may rent any of three different size tanks – 1 liter, 2.75 liter, or 9 liter – which are available on a first-come first-served basis. The systems are kept at a constant temperature of 28°C and water quality is monitored twice each day. All systems are alarmed, and a maintenance person is on-call 24 hrs/day to ensure safe keeping of all fish.

Zebrafish & Service Price List (PDF)

Zebrafish / Egg Request Form (PDF)
You may email egg requests to Katie Dever at kdever@mbl.edu.