Nature Divine: Preserving Ecology Through Color



November 2–3, 5–8, 10 & 12–16: 11 a.m.–4 p.m.

Meigs Gallery
Swope Conference Center
5 North St., Woods Hole, MA

Panel Discussion

Wednesday, October 16, 6–7 p.m.

Meigs Gallery
Swope Conference Center
5 North St., Woods Hole, MA

Marine Biological Laboratory scientists, local students, and Ms. Dilenschneider explored Art, Science and Environmental Awareness at a panel discussion moderated by Bill Hough, editor and publisher, The Enterprise. Read more here…

Sunrise on the Water; Oil on Canvas; 2019
Pond Lilies; Oil on Canvas; 2019
Intricate Leaf Shapes #1; Oil on Canvas; 2018
Lazy Stream; Oil on Canvas; 2019

The Marine Biological Laboratory welcomes the art of renowned artist Jan Dilenschneider with an exhibit showing a unique collection of oil paintings in support of the MBL’s mission.

From earthy vistas, to tranquil skyscapes, to glimpses of subaquatic life, her settings are lush and alluring. Ms. Dilenschneider’s goal is to help people understand the importance of nature and, indeed, spending time with her paintings may just change the way visitors see the world around them.

All events free and open to the public.

For sales and consignment inquiries, please contact Jan Dilenschneider; 203.273.2068

Presented by Art Lab as part of its mission to expand and illuminate the intersection of art and science.