Seeing the Invisible: How Butterflies Make Transparent Wings

WOODS HOLE, Mass. — Many animals have evolved camouflage tactics for self-defense, but some butterflies and moths have taken it even further: They’ve developed transparent wings, making them almost invisible to predators. A team led by Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) scientists studied the development of one such species, the glasswing butterfly, Greta oto, to see […]

Salt Marshes Trap Microplastics in their Sediments, Creating Record of Human Plastic Use

Contact: Diana Kenney,; 508-289-7139 WOODS HOLE, Mass. — Plastics are everywhere. From cell phones to pens and cars to medical devices, the modern world is full of plastic— and plastic waste. New research from scientists at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) Ecosystems Center found that some of that plastic waste has been accumulating in […]

MBL Begins First Test of Tropical Seaweed Farming for Biofuels Production

Contact:; 508-289-7139 WOODS HOLE, Mass. and La Parguera, P.R. – A team of researchers led by Loretta Roberson, associate scientist at the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, has installed the first seaweed farm in Puerto Rico and U.S. tropical waters. The research array furthers the design and development of a system for offshore cultivation […]

MBL Announces Whitman Center Fellowships and Early Career Investigators

The Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) is pleased to welcome the recipients of the 2021 Whitman Fellowships and Early Career Investigator Awards, which support 19 scientists to conduct innovative research for up to 10 weeks in the MBL Whitman Center. Due to COVID-19-related restrictions, nearly all of the 2020 Whitman Fellows and Early Career Investigators deferred […]

Twelve Journalists Awarded Fellowships in the MBL Logan Science Journalism Program

Contact: Diana Kenney 508-289-7139; WOODS HOLE, Mass. – The MBL looks forward to the arrival in May of 12 accomplished journalists who have been awarded a competitive fellowship in the MBL Logan Science Journalism Program. Now in its 34th year, the Logan Science Journalism Program provides health and science journalists with immersive, hands-on research […]

Bottom-Up is the Way Forward for Nitrogen Reduction at Institutions

WOODS HOLE, Mass. — Nitrogen is an element basic for life — plants need it, animals need it, it’s in our DNA — but when there’s too much nitrogen in the environment, things can go haywire. On Cape Cod, excess nitrogen in estuaries and salt marshes can lead to algal blooms, fish kills, and degradation […]

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Citizens and Scientists Release 28-Year Record of Water Quality in Buzzards Bay

WOODS HOLE, Mass. — A long-lasting, successful relationship between scientists at the MBL Ecosystems Center and the citizen-led Buzzards Bay Coalition has garnered a long-term record of water quality in the busy bay that lies west of Woods Hole. That record has already returned tremendous value and last week, it was published in Scientific Data, […]

A New Visual Identity for the MBL

Over the past year, the Marine Biological Laboratory has been working to refresh our visual identity, keeping the historic ties to our legacy seal, while ensuring our new identity is modernized, simplified, and can be replicated across multiple channels—from print to the digital sphere. We landed with a clean, modern icon that’s distinctive while being […]