2019 Course Assistants

Natasha Baas-Thomas
Reed College

Natasha is a graduating senior at Reed College in Portland, OR, earning a BS in biology. She has worked in the laboratory of Dr. Erik Zornik, studying the vocal circuit of the Xenopus laevis frog. Her research has focused on understanding how sexually dimorphic behavior is encoded in the brain. She has also studied synaptic plasticity in mice under Dr. Elizabeth Jonas at the MBL. In her spare time, Natasha likes to cook and plays rugby.

Natasha joined NS&B as a course assistant in 2019.



ray_emilyEmily Ray
University of New Hampshire

Emily is a senior at the University of New Hampshire earning a BS in Neuroscience and Behavior and Marine, Freshwater, and Estuarine Biology. She participates in research with Dr. Jim Haney studying how the neurotoxin BMAA and the hepatotoxin Microcystin move through aquatic food webs and determining factors that affect their rate of aerosolization. Additionally, Emily has participated in research with Dr. Jelle Atema at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution studying the role of two anatomically separate olfactory bulbs in sharks. In her spare time, she runs, cooks, and reads.

Emily joined NS&B as a course assistant in 2019.



Andres Romero
Northern New Mexico College

Andres is an undergraduate research student at Northern New Mexico College. He is studying under the mentorship of Dr. Ulises Ricoy. Dr. Ricoy’s laboratory examines low-cost approaches in neuroscience (behavior and neurophysiology). Romero’s research is in the neuroethology of escape responses in cockroaches and earthworms. He has also done research in genetics and molecular biology, specifically in subnuclear organelles and their role in spinal muscular atrophy. Romero earned his BS in biology and is currently finishing a BS degree in environmental science. In his spare time, Andres dabbles with various forms of art and enjoys all family outdoor activities.

Andre joined NS&B as a course assistant in 2019.