Wednesday Night Lectures

All Wednesday night lectures are held in the Speck Auditorium at 8:00 PM Eastern followed by a wine and cheese reception right outside the building.
June 5, 2019
Nanyang Technological University Singapore
Schreckstoff: the biology of an alarm pheromone

June 12, 2019  Konishi Lecture
Claremont McKenna College
Behavioral and Neural Mechanisms of Duet Singing in Neotropical Wren
gul_dolenJune 19, 2019
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Developmental and evolutionary mechanisms underlying social behaviors
June 26, 2019
Harvard University
Molecular and cellular mechanisms of sensory adaptation

July 3, 2019
Cornell University
State dependent activity of neural circuits regulating foraging and food intake


July 11, 2019  Nicholls Lecture
Yale School of Medicine 
Functional flexibility: development and dynamics in state-dependent cortical circuits
peyman-golshaniJuly 17, 2019
Peyman Golshani
UCLA School of Medicine
New tools to image network dynamics in freely behaving animals
Gilles LaurentJuly 22, 2019 Forbes Lecture
Gilles Laurent
Max Planck Institute for Brain Research
The 2018 Wednesday Night Lecture Schedule:
June 6, 2018
Louisiana State University
Multisensory communication and reproductive-dependent sensory plasticity in an African cichlid fish
Watch Dr. Maruska’s lecture here.
carlsonJune 13, 2018
Bruce Carlson
Washington University
Linking evolutionary change in sensory perception to its cellular and network substrates in weakly electric fish

June 20, 2018 Konishi Lecture
University of Arizona
The social functions of the primate amygdala
Watch Dr. Gothard’s lecture here.
mimiJune 27, 2018
Mimi Kao
Tufts University
Mechanisms for Variability and Plasticity of Learned Vocalizations
Watch Dr. Kao’s lecture here.
July 11, 2018
New York University
Social transmission of maternal behavior via oxytocin
Watch Dr. Froemke’s lecture here.

July 18, 2018 Nicholls Lecture
Duke University
Discovering meaning from brain wide spatiotemporal dynamics
Watch Dr. Dzirasa’s lecture here.
July 25, 2018   Forbes Lecture
Harvard University, HHMI Investigator
Molecular and Cellular Architecture of Social Behavior Circuits
Watch Dr. Dulac’s lecture here.
The 2017 Wednesday Night Lecture Schedule:
June 7
Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência
Nonapeptide Regulation of social Behaviour: Lessons from Fish
Watch Dr. Oliveira’s lecture here.
June 14
Josh Gordon
 A Neural Circuit Approach to Psychiatric Disease Models
 Watch Dr. Gordon’s lecture here.
June 21
UC Berkeley
Itchy and Scratchy: Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Acute and Chronic Itch
 Watch Dr. Bautista’s lecture here.
June 28
Cynthia Moss
Johns Hopkins University
3D Space Representation in Echolocating Bats
Watch Dr. Moss’ lecture here.


July 5
Exploring Rodent Decision Circuits to Gain Insight into the Features and Bugs of Human Decision-Making
Watch Dr. Churchland’s lecture here.


July 12  Nicholls Lecture
Mala Murthy
Princeton University
Neural Mechanisms for Dynamic Acoustic Communication in Flies


Rockefeller University
Dissecting the Molecular Mechanisms of Vocal Learning and Spoken Language
Watch Dr. Jarvis’ lecture here.
July 26
Columbia University
How do Neural Circuits Evolve?
Watch Dr. Kelley’s lecture here.


The 2016 Wednesday Night Lecture Schedule:
June 15
Michael Long
New York University
How does the Brain Generate Behavioral Sequences?Watch Dr. Long’s lecture here.

June 22
Sarah London
The University of Chicago
Measuring and Manipulating the Dynamic Genome to Understand Brain Function and Behavior

Watch Dr. London’s lecture here.

June 29
Villu Maricq 
University of Utah
How Motors Deliver and Remove the Machinery of Memory

July 6
Adrienne Fairhall
University of Washington
Variability and Synchrony in Birdsong Learning

Watch Dr. Fairhall’s lecture here.

July 13 Nicholls Lecture
Carol Barnes
University of Arizona
Impact of Aging on Circuits Critical for Normal Memory Function

July 20
Todd Sacktor
SUNY Downstate Medical Center
PKMzeta, LTP, and Memory
Watch Dr. Sacktor’s lecture here.

July 27 Konishi Lecture
Gilles Laurent 
Max Planck Institute for Brain Research
On the Brain of Sleeping Dragons
Watch Dr. Laurent’s lecture here.

The 2015 Wednesday Night Lecture Schedule:
June 10
Benedict Carey
Science Writer
 Drunk Fruit Flies and Grandiose Irritability: Finding the Science in the Story

June 17
Bettina Osborn
A Bird’s Eye View of an Evolving NIMH Grant Portfolio in Learning and Memory
Watch Dr. Osborn’s lecture here.

June 24 Konishi Lecture
Margaret McCarthy
University of Maryland Medical School
 Surprising Origins of Sex Differences in the Brain
Watch Dr. McCarthy’s lecture here. Be sure to check her “History of Neuroethology” rhyme beginning at 6 min 32 sec.

July 1
Sarah Woolley
McGill University
Generation and Perception of Vocal Variability
Watch Dr. Woolley’s lecture here.

July 8
Michael Markham
University of Oklahoma
Energetics of an Active Sensory and Communication Signal: Organismal, Cellular, and Molecular Perspectives
Watch Dr. Markham’s lecture here.

July 15  Nicholls Lecture 
Allison Barth
Carnegie Mellon University
Dynamic Connectivity Mediated through Presynaptic Silencing in Pyramidal Cell Networks
Watch Dr. Barth’s lecture here.

July 22 Forbes Lecture
William Catterall
University of Washington
Calcium Channel Regulation and Short-Term Synaptic Plasticity
Watch Dr. Catterall’s lecture here.

July 29
Nachum Ulanovsky
Weizmann Institute
Neural Codes for 2-D and 3-D Space in the Hippocampal Formation of Bats
Watch Dr. Ulanovsky’s lecture here.



Jeff Lichtman (Harvard)  A Connectomic Approach to Neural Systems & Behavior 07/31/14

Michael Nitabach (Yale University)  Neural Circuits Controlling Innate Behavior 07/08/14

Rafael Yuste (Columbia University)  The Brain Activity Map: Imaging and Manipulating Entire Neural Circuits 07/02/14

Stephanie White (UCLA)  Of Speech and Song: Molecular Microcircuits for Learned 06/24/14

Edward Kravitz (Harvard)  A New Department, a New Transmitter Compound, a War and a Movement or How I Spent the 60s and Early 70s 06/23/14