System Enhancements in

New system enhancements released on March 18th from are focused on bringing more convenience to the applicant experience. has already highlighted changes to how grant forecasts will be displayed, making them easier to identify.  There are also a handful of other updates in Release 17.0, including the use of a mobile number when resetting a forgotten password and the ability to view the system privileges associated with an account profile.

Add Your Mobile Number to Your Account

When registering, users will soon have the option to add a U.S.-based mobile phone number to their account as a means to reset a forgotten password.

Users who registered before March 18 will likewise see a one-time pop up invitation to add a mobile number to their account.

Option to Add Your Mobile Phone Number

Please note: the mobile number will only be used by during the password reset process.

Know What Privileges Are Associated With Each Profile

Applicants will soon have the ability to view the privileges associated with each of their account profiles. This added convenience will take the guesswork out of trying to determine what privileges one has been assigned.

View Role Privileges

To view the privileges associated with a specific profile, users will go to the My Account page and click on the Manage Profiles tab.  Under the action column, a View Privileges link will pop open a list of privileges for each profile associated with an organization.

You can learn more about what each privilege does on the Roles & Privileges page.

Additional Enhancements

There are a few other changes that applicants can expect to see when they log into their account after March 18:

  • Applicants will be able to sort a list of their workspaces by Closing Date, making it easy to prioritize form work.
  • Applicants subscribed to a funding opportunity announcement (FOA) will be able to receive notifications from the grantor when changes are made to Related Documents and/or Links in the FOA. (Note: This is an optional feature that some grantors may choose not to use.)
  • Applicants will be able to filter workspace activity column data by keyword.

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