How do I get an ORCHID iD?

If you are not familiar with the ORCID iD, ORCID stands for Open Researcher and Contributor ID.  This is a unique personal digital identifier that distinguishes every researcher and is a global effort for adoption by the scientific community.  Eventually the ID will allow you to link your eRA Commons account to various other resources to reduce your administrative burden. Currently for NIH, your ORCID iD will link to your eRA Commons account so that publications can be easily associated with your grants.

Starting in October 2019, ORCID iDs will be required for new appointees to institutional training grants and other awards who make appointments through xTrain.

When a 2271 appointment form is submitted for Training and Institutional K awards, eRA systems will check to ensure that the ORCID iD is present in the Personal Profile associated with the Commons IDs listed in the form.  Starting this month, a warning will be issued if the ORCID iD is not present.  This warning will be switched to an error in October of 2019 and must be cleared to successfully submit the new appointment.

How do you get an ORCID iD, you ask? Well, that is very easy.  Logging into eRA Commons, you can go to your Personal Profile. Just under your name and your listed eRA Commons roles, you will find a link to create your ORCID iD. Following that link to, you will be able to register and link your Commons account to your ID. See steps and screenshots in the ORCID topic in the eRA Commons online help.

For more information, see Guide Notice NOT-OD-19-109.

Original post on NIH eRA Items of Interest — July 2019